Fearless Singer Life and Business Coach for Singers Mel Lathouras

This is a transformative container designed to:  

help you overcome imposter syndrome, unleash your authentic voice, and confidently step onto the stage as a performer, in business and in life. 

These sessions include: 

☑️ Intuitive Voice & Creativity Healing (Somatic Voice Work, Reiki & EFT) 

☑️ Nervous System Reset Tools

☑️ Performance & Repertoire Coaching  

☑️ Branding & Business combined with Energy Work for Singers & Creatives to build a thriving, profitable business. 

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Rewire Your Mind for Success (Coaching & Energy Work)

☑️ Dissolve Fear with Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Energy Healing & Nervous System Regulation Tools. 

☑️ Command the Stage in performance, business and life

☑️ Singing & Speak with Authenticity and Authority with the latest in somatic vocal practices.

☑️  Evoke and Explore Your Creativity to be a prolific artist

☑️ Get Creative Projects out of your head and into reality. 

☑️  Develop a Vocal Practice

Somatic Voice Work

Experience vocal work that is a combination of the latest in vocal science and spiritual coaching. It's a powerful mix!

☑️ Embody Your Authentic Voice

☑️ Nurture and Build your Voice with Targeted Exercises

☑️ Develop Strength & Flexibility 

☑️ Breath Support and Management 

☑️ Extend Your Range (through de-constriction and vocal placement)

☑️ Lift Musical Language from Artists & Tap Into Their Energy

Build Your Creative Empire

You could be in the very beginning stages of your business journey or well on your way - I'm here to help you make your mark with branding, systems and gentle (can be firm if you like) accountability.
 Let me help you take all the guess work out and fast track your way to a profitable side hustle or full-time creative business. 

☑️ Get Clear on Your Mission, Service & Ideal Customer or Audience 

☑️ Create a beautiful looking and big-hearted brand 

☑️ Become an EPIC and engaging Storyteller through your copy and social content 

☑️ Learn the Tech Systems to Support Your Empire
(Squarespace, Podia, Kajabi, Social Media Platforms, Scheduling Software & Canva - I'm an expert in it all!)

☑️ Start a Podcast 

☑️ Create Irresistible Offers (including online courses and memberships) 
☑️ Plan & Action Your Idea to Launch (will guide you every step of the way!)

Wait! So these are not
Singing Lessons?

While vocal work may be part of these sessions, these are not your traditional singing lessons.
This is a transformational coaching container for Singers or Aspiring Singers wanting to overcome fear-based narratives that are stopping them from living their creative dreams. 


This Coaching Container is for: 

Singers, Aspiring Singers, Presenters, Performers, and Creative Entrepreneurs and Educators who want to: 


☑️ explore the full potential and magical realms of their Voice 

☑️ overcome limiting beliefs keeping them from reaching creative goals 

☑️ overcome the fear of visibility, “putting yourself out there”, or sharing your Voice through Song or Spoken Word 

☑️ develop an ongoing vocal and creative practice 

 ☑️ create a delicious spiritual practice embodying feminine and masculine energy 

☑️ learn the art of manifestation to live in the realms of abundance and creative freedom.


 You may also want to: 


☑️ create an event or a recording - think a one-woman show, starting a band or joining one, making your album or EP  

☑️ get paid to speak at corporate events or embody Star of the Stage Energy in your professional role 

☑️ write a song or develop a songwriting practice 

 ☑️ learn how to get paid as a Singer, Professional Voice User or Creative 

☑️ create a business or up-level your current one that oozes authenticity, service and heart energy but is also wildly profitable


 You may be feeling: 


☑️ stuck and not knowing how to move forward with your creative goals and dreams  

☑️ fearful about singing or elevating your voice and message to the world  

☑️ blocked and need targeted help with vocal technique, mindset, website, systems, and copywriting 

 If any of this rings true to you, I may be your gal!

Book a clarity call to see if we are the right fit! 

 I’m so excited to chat with you!

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"Working with Mel has not only improved my singing ability and confidence - it has also brought positive change to other aspects in my life. I highly recommend this kind, generous, empathetic soul. She is an absolute blessing."

- Angelique Bellas

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Singer, Music Therapist and Vocal Coach - Katerini 

While Katerini Manolatos is an established performer and educator, she says Fearless Singer Coaching helped her discover a new sound she can access during performance. 

Kat also receives business coaching; listen to how it helps her!  



I'd been wanting to really focus on developing my voice for years and have had on-and-off singing lessons with various teachers between my own performances.

I was looking for a vocal coach to help expand my voice with an approach that would work for me. Mel is amazing! She has so much knowledge about technique and style, is non-judgmental and super warm and friendly – and wow, can she sing! Mel also has an uncanny way of knowing exactly what you need to move forward, and her sessions are tailored to you.

After taking a few sessions and jazz singing workshops with Mel, I decided to get serious, take the plunge, and commit to the 12-month Fearless Singer VIP membership package. It’s so great – the tools, resources, tips, check-ins, inspirations, my singing community – I love it all – and best of all, it keeps me accountable and motivated and inspires me to practice.

Becoming part of Mel's Fearless Singer Community has been great for consistently building my technique and forming a deeper connection with my voice in a supportive environment. Love it!

- Paul Hackney


Your Follow Up Support 

Your session also includes access to the Fearless Singer Studio Portal, which includes Vocal Exercises and Mindset Tools. 

You will also receive one week of Voxer App follow-up support after your Session to help your process and consolidate your takeaways. 


"Mel came recommended to me by a fellow singer and creative when I expressed hesitation at engaging a corporate career coach. Ohhhh my. Worth it is an understatement. The clarity call alone was full of massive YES moments that validated my decision and made me excited to talk further with Mel. The level-up session was very much that. Mel offers the perfect balance of encouragement, ideas, intuition and practicality. I left the first session feeling inspired, empowered, and like the things I had dreamt up but didn’t know how to facilitate were and are now absolutely possible. Mel goes all the way from the big picture and ideal world to the nitty gritty and the “how to”. And she doesn’t leave you to figure it all out after the session, she continues her support and feedback through Voxer to help you clarify ideas and pave the path you want to walk. I have maybe never felt this hopeful and excited about my creative career. Mel provides the tools to help you bring your dreams alive."

- Cass McGufficke


Emma used EFT to Overcome Her Fear of Singing.

Here is her Fearless Singer Story...

Holy moly, I can’t believe I did that. Me, the most nervous person in the world, went up on stage and sang. It was my first time singing in front of more than one person, my first time singing with a band. My singing lesson on Tuesday was the first time I’ve properly let rip in a session, yesterday was the first time I’ve belted at home😅 Nothing like a deadline, right?

I really didn’t know if any sound would come out of my mouth when I got up there..
I’ve been doing a lot of mindset work, using EFT tapping and embodiment visualisations, reframing singing from being an unsafe and scary activity to being something that can be easy and fun. From the fear of being heard to the joy of performing and expressing, to connecting.
And goodness gracious, I cannot believe the difference. I kept waiting to feel nervous, for my hands to shake, to feel sick to my stomach like usual- but it never happened. I wish I knew about these modalities 20 years ago.
I had a bit of a vulnerability hangover this morning, but I did some tapping, had a cry and felt a weight lifted.

I want to thank Mel Lathouras for being the most wonderful teacher, for deep diving into EFT tapping with me, coaxing me out of my shell and for putting on an excellent show for us all. I felt so supported by Mel and by every person there. It was bloody lovely.

Sure, I missed some notes, there’s always room for improvement, but I decided to go into the show with unapologetic Miss Piggy vibes *unbothered, moisturised, thriving*

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do but assumed you couldn’t, maybe this can be your sign that there’s no better time than now and that things might go even better than you could have imagined.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common ones that people ask. If you still have more, go ahead and email [email protected]

Limited Spaces for 2023! 


$857 X 3


  • 90 min Intro Goal Setting Session
  • 5 X Bi-Weekly 60 min Coaching Calls
  • Access to Online Vocal, Mindset & Business Power Tools
  • Access to Fearless Singer Community (Exclusive Facebook Group)
  • Recording of Sessions
  • Performing Opportunities




  • 90 min Intro Goal Setting Session
  • 5 X Bi-Weekly 60 min Coaching Calls
  • Access to Online Vocal, Mindset & Business Power Tools
  • Access to Fearless Singer Community (Exclusive Facebook Group)
  • Recording of Sessions
  • Performing Opportunities




This session may include:  

  • Intuitive Reading and Action Plan for Creative Projects of Business
  • Somatic Voice Work & Performance Coaching
  • Public Speaking Coaching (Activate the tools to speak with Authenticity & Authority)
  • Business System Troubleshooting Coaching (Kajabi, Squarespace, Podia, Scheduling Systems, Canva) 
  • How to Get Started with Your Own Podcast