So you're ready to be a Fearless Singer? 

Join our members who have gone from being fearful of the stage to absolute bad-asses - creating one-woman shows to making albums. 

 In this supportive and inspirational community, you will be connected with: 

✨ Bi-monthly Vocal & Mindset coaching sessions (45min)

✨ Monthly online classes (90min)

✨ Access to the online Singing Resources Portal

✨ VIP access to our Exclusive FB group, early bird discount and entry to courses, workshops, retreats. 


"Mel is a champion for women. She encourages me to take up space in the world, push my own barriers and level up my career. She is a creative woman’s dream advocate."

- Julie Berry. Fearless Singer Member

Own the Stage! 

Fearless Singer Members are reaching AMAZING milestones with our online coaching sessions.

Our sessions will become a process of self-discovery & learning how to tap into your Star of the Stage energy to gain unshakeable self-confidence. 

You will learn and know how to practice:
✨ Vocal Technique

✨ Choose Songs & Commit them to Muscle (& emotional muscle) memory

✨ Overcome resistance to reach your goals

✨ Put on your own show, launch your creative project, and create a side hustle or go full-time musical business. 

✨ Leverage your unique strengths.


G'day Singer! I'm Mel.

I have to say - I see you and totally get you. Fear can be one tricky beast that holds you back from taking centre stage in your own life. As someone who has been there, I use my trusty tools to smash through those blocks and take the stage (literally and figuratively).

No need to let fear be the boss anymore - join our energising and inspiring community of singers kicking fear to the curb and making their dreams come true! 

From belting it out on stage to creating your own one-woman show, we've got your back every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for? 

Let's make magic together!

Become a Fearless Singer & Be Celebrated in
Our Thriving Community

☑️ Bi-monthly Vocal Tune-Up and Check in the Fearless Singer Facebook Group during 10-week studio terms. 
☑️ 1 X Monthly Fearless Singer Studio Online Class (topics ranging from Voice Care and Technique to Songwriting to Mindset Work).

☑️ Opportunities to Connect in Person at Fearless Singer Showcases & Jams. 

☑️ Access to Online Singing Exercises Resources and Fearless Singer Membership Replays from the beginning of the year. 

☑️ Exclusive Discount Offers and early access to courses, workshops and classes. 

Praise from Fearless Singer - Bernie

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This is your sign to prioritize yourself, your creativity and make your Singing Dreams a reality! ❤️‍🔥


Testimonials from Paula, Julie & Maria -
Fearless Singer Members 

Paula Hackney

I'd been wanting to really focus on developing my voice for years and have had on-and-off singing lessons with various teachers between my own performances.

After taking a few sessions and jazz singing workshops with Mel, I decided to get serious, take the plunge, and commit to the 12-month Fearless Singer VIP membership package. It’s so great – the tools, resources, tips, check-ins, inspirations, my singing community – I love it all – and best of all, it keeps me accountable and motivated and inspires me to practice.

Becoming part of Mel's Fearless Singer Community has been great for consistently building my technique and forming a deeper connection with my voice in a supportive environment. Love it!

Julie Berry

Mel is exceptionally gifted at determining what I need on a particular day. Whether it’s to be pushed, to be nurtured or to be heard, she provides a safe space for me to be myself.
She is inspirational. She practices what she preaches. She works so bloody hard for her coaching members. Mel’s enthusiasm for us to succeed helps me to keep working towards my goals. Not only my singing goals but my short and long term goals as a performer. 

Mel is a champion for women. She encourages me to take up space in the world, push my own barriers and level up my career. She is a creative woman’s dream advocate.

Maria Stavrou

I love how Mel combines her musical knowledge with psychology. She is honest, keeps things real, and is also very willing to model her vulnerability - teaching us to do the same! 
And overall, she has a real sense of fun! I highly recommend sessions with Mel! They are one of the most meaningful experiences I have had in my life.

Hear from Fearless Singer Member - Emma Sparks

Emma went from crippling anxiety to singing her heart out (and nailing her performance) at the Fearless Singer Jam in March! In this video, she talks about the process she learnt here in the Membership to help her channel her Star of the Stage persona. 

Fearless Singer Events - Opportunities to Connect with Your Community


While the Fearless Singer Showcase is open to Members who receive 1:1 coaching in the Studio, the Fearless Singer Jam to be launched in 2024 will be open to members to perform at. You will also receive early booking access to these and to workshops, networking events, retreats and online courses. 

Fearless Singer Exercises Portal & Exclusive Facebook Group

Your membership also includes access to the Fearless Singer Studio Portal, which includes Vocal Exercises and Mindset Tools. It is continually evolving, and you get access to it for the duration of your membership! 

Our highly engaged VIP Facebook Group is a buzz with daily activity. Members actively participate by asking questions, seeking advice, sharing comments, and contributing across various channels worldwide.