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Join your painfully honest, humorous, big-hearted host, Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras, to talk about what’s holding us back from living our creative, musical dream lives.

We will undo untrue narratives that stop us from singing and expressing ourselves fully, creating our dream projects & music businesses. And talk to absolute bosses who are doing this work and succeeding.

Let's rise together! 

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Episode Highlights

Award-winning Jazz Singer, Songwriter, Educator and Entrepreneur Sharny Russell is lovingly regarded as our Jazz Mumma here in Brisbane and on the entire East Coast of Australia. 

I feel very fortunate to have her on the Fearless Singer podcast because she is the epitome of a Fearless Singer in every sense of the term. 

Despite being told that she would never sing again after a horrific car accident, Sharny has gone on to have a celebrated career as a singer, an ABC recording artist, an APRA award winner and an educator at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and the Jazz Music Institute (JMI).

I was lucky to have Sharny as my singing teacher when I did my undergraduate degree at JMI.

Not only did she shape me as a singer stylistically and musically - she stoked the fire in my belly to go for my dreams.

It was as though life knew I needed a champion - and there she was! A fellow big dreamer. 

Not only this, but Sharny is also a living example of living in complete faith and trusting that everything will work out for your highest good. 

She says to give everything a go, even when unsure if you can do it! You never know where it will lead.  

I can’t stress enough how much wisdom you will glean from this interview. It is PACKED with gems! 

This will be one you return to for a charge-up time and again. 

Sharny is also an incredible pianist and has created a method for Jazz Singers to learn how to accompany themselves that has people playing musically within their first session. 

It was released this week on Amazon. You can get it here. 

Enjoy this episode as much as I did! 


Mel X

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