Ready to book an Inspiring Guest Speaker for your next Event who will have your guests singing?

Mel Lathouras (aka Fearless Singer) is an experienced, inspirational, and hilarious MC who can ensure your conference, ceremony, or workshop runs smoothly.
She can even break out into song or teach you one!

"Mel is a sensational performer and true professional, and her workshop was engaging and enjoyable from start to finish."

Lauren Christenson, King & Wood Mallesons


Connect, Energize, and Inspire
Your Team or Guests

Bring a unique, high-energy experience to your next event, conference, gala or workplace with the Pop Up Choir. Singing together is a powerful way to foster team spirit, enhance engagement, and create unforgettable memories. Mel's dynamic approach and infectious enthusiasm will have your attendees singing in harmony and feeling like stars.


What the Pop-Up Choir can offer:

☑️ Team Building: Experience the power of music to strengthen connections and boost morale with the Fearless Singer Pop-Up Choir. 

☑️ Event Engagement: Transform your event with a pop-up choir performance that will leave a lasting impression. 

☑️ Creative Collaboration: Engaging in singing activates both the left and right lobes of the brain, fostering creative ideas and solutions. 

☑️ Unforgettable Experience: Drawing on all the classic hits, Mel can creative an arrangement of song that will fit the theme of your event.

Speaker Topics



☑️ Pop Up Choir (think Pub Choir) but in your Organisation - Mel can teach your team a song with harmony parts to enhance communication skills and connection. 

☑️ Command the Stage in Your Life, Workplace or Business 

☑️ From Highschool Teacher to Singing Entrepreneur (in the middle of Covid): the lessons I gained from leaping into the Unknown. 

☑️ The Power of Improvisation: Innovate while thinking on your feet. 

☑️ The Team Song: Let Mel Teach Your Conference Attendees or Organisation a Song to Bolster Connection


Keynotes & Workshops



Keynotes and workshops can be tailored for your audience, with a focus on:

☑️ Wellness and Expanding One’s Comfort Zone

☑️ Resiliency

☑️ Confidence (the power of self-trust)

☑️ Leadership

☑️ Creativity

☑️ Storytelling

Mel is a highly skilled performer and educator – every engagement is interactive, inclusive and entertaining. 


Workshops for Professional Voice Users



Mel is passionate about the human voice and delivers interactive workshops on effective vocal production, communication, and good vocal hygiene. 

Vocal Techniques Covered are:

☑️ Good Vocal Hygiene Practices 

☑️  Use of Vocal Resonance and 'Twang' for healthy projection

☑️ Breath Management & Support

☑️ Correct postural alignment

☑️ Find Your Voice and Natural Prosody - expanding your range of colours. 

Mel can tailor her vocal workshops to suit your team's needs and objectives. She can offer presentations, half-day or full-day workshops, which come with additional resources and follow-up support. 


"Mel ran a brilliant public speaking workshop for researchers at the University of Queensland. Mel was engaging, funny and full of information and insight, not only into how to make the most of our voices, but also how to deal with nerves and anxiety on the day. This workshop was thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated by all who attended. It gave all of us researchers a chance to think through the issues from a new perspective, whilst at the same time practicing hands-on exercises to reduce constriction and expand our vocal range – and with noticeable instantaneous results. I couldn’t recommend Mel enough – her workshops should be an obligatory requirement for all!"

- Sarah Bentley (University of Queensland)

About Fearless Singer - Mel Lathouras 

Mel is an experienced Motivational Speaker, Singer, Coach and Educator who has performed professionally for over 20 years and coached for ten.

With postgraduate qualifications in Music, Vocal Pedagogy, Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, Mel has had an eclectic career in Corporate Communications, Highschool Teaching and is now a Full-Time Singer, Speaker and Coach.

In 2015, Mel created Fearless Singer - a community helping Singers overcome their fear blocks to live the life of their dreams, which now has over 500 members. 

In 2022, Mel launched the Fearless Singer Podcast, which receives 100s of downloads every month and praise for its transformational content. 

Mel is also a Life & Business Coach specializing in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and is highly skilled in Marketing, Branding and Online Business.

You can read Mel's Music bio here. 

"We were delighted to welcome Mel to our Brisbane office as part of King & Wood Mallesons’ Design Week. Her bespoke fearlessness workshop taught us how to use vocal techniques and improvisation principles to build confidence, communicate more effectively, and build better teams – not to mention, how to embrace our inner jazz singer! Mel is a sensational performer and true professional, and her workshop was engaging and enjoyable from start to finish."

Lauren Christenson, King & Wood Mallesons

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Forge Your Fearless Path

Despite her love for teaching high school Music, Drama, and English, Mel made a bold choice post-COVID. She embarked on a journey to grow Fearless Singer full-time and has not looked back. 

She lives, and coaches in Brisbane's vibrant West End with her cat Count Basie and performs regularly with her femme-led Jazz band Yas Queen and in her soul-jazz project Little Mel. She also puts on large-scale productions, such as Femme Jazz, a Celebration of Amy Winehouse & Fearless Singer Showcases. 

Mel travels interstate to perform, speak and deliver keynotes and is available to travel depending on her availability. She can also conduct virtual keynotes.





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