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G'day, I'm Mel

Creator of

Fearless Singer

My mission is to help you
the blocks that is stopping you
from your unique Singing Success Story.

Quick Facts. I'm a: 
🂭 Gigging Jazz Singer & Songwriter - I practice what I preach.
🂭 Australia's Leading Life & Biz Coach for Singers
🂭 Producer of Music Events
🂭 Champion of Women in Music
🂭 Community Builder & Course Creator
🂭 Podcast Host & Speaker
🂭 Cat Mother to Count Basie
🂭 100% Woo 

My journey hasn't been a straight-line trajectory. I've faced rejections and obstacles and have had to do a shit-tonne of healing to become a
full-time musician and coach. 
And just by showing up, doing the work, accepting my shadow self, and learning to dissolve my fears, I've reached a place where I'm still doing all of this, but I'm also bringing my dreams into my 3-D reality.

I can help you do the same!


Mel's Bio

As a Jazz Singer and Australia's leading life and business coach for Singers, I'm here to empower and inspire singers at all stages of their musical and creative journeys to break free from fear-based beliefs and limitations to achieve their dreams. 

With my postgraduate qualifications in Music, Vocal Pedagogy, and Education and my extensive expertise in Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP,  and online business, I offer intuitive mentoring, coaching, and online courses to fast-track your success. 

Whether you're looking to overcome stage fright, enhance your vocal technique, create a sustainable and profitable singing career, or unleash your full creative potential, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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