Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras’s videos, blogs, podcasts and courses on Emotional Freedom Technique for Singers is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to improve your relationship with your voice and empower you to go after your singing goals and dreams. 
Mel wants to clarify that her coaching and content should not be considered a replacement for the care of a qualified health professional, nor should it be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 
It’s intended to entertain, inspire and empower only. 
She aims to provide you with the resources to make informed decisions about your singing practice, lifestyle and health. 
Suppose you are currently under the care of any health professionals. In that case, she strongly recommends that you consult with them before using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) or making any changes to your lifestyle that impact your health. Furthermore, she advises you to consult your doctor or pharmacist before discontinuing or reducing prescription medications. 
While EFT has shown promising clinical results, it is still experimental, and licensed health practitioners should address specific issues. Mel cannot be held responsible for your physical or emotional well-being. You must take complete responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being and agree to hold harmless anyone involved with EFT from any claims made by anyone whom you seek to help with EFT. 
Lastly, please be aware that EFT and Emotional Freedom Techniques are registered trademarks of Gary Craig. Mel’s approach to practising EFT may not necessarily align with the views of EFT or Gary Craig.