Actor, Singer, Comedian Writer, Producer - Julie Berry

When Julie came to me for business coaching, she was bursting with ideas but struggling with where to start. Together, we dove into the world of social media and crafted a game plan for her to build her online presence with confidence. Check out what Julie had to say about our powerful hour of coaching!


Singer, Music Therapist and Vocal Coach on Fearless Singer Business Coaching

Kat says coaching is helping her consolidate her ideas and get clear on who she is serving to connect with and grow her audience. 

From Fearful to Fierce - 

Kylie Stephenson

Kylie has learnt how to redefine and dissolve fear to become a gigging pop singer, actor and is well on her way to building her business empire as a multi-passionate creative. Hear how Fearless Singer Coaching has helped her with "analysis paralysis".

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It's Never Too Late to Start 

As a multi passion creative, I have so many big ideas and projects swimming around in my thoughts constantly. I will often scrap them as I become overwhelmed with how to get them off the ground, it all becomes too hard, and life goes on, and now I am 53…..

My first session with Mel turned this around, and it became about how to manage and simplify my projects into realistic achievable tasks and goals. One of my huge ideas shrunk with still keeping the integrity of the project and debuting in 6 months' time. That was from my first session!!!!

Mels’ intuition and experience with a creative mind combined with her knowledge and expertise have given me a whole new faith in the fact that there is someone who heard, could see and understand me. I feel like my projects have legs and with guidance will flourish. Thanks, Mel I really look forward to our next sessions.


 @Stephanie Larman

Start Before you Feel Ready 

Mel came recommended to me by a fellow singer and creative when I expressed hesitation at engaging a corporate career coach. Ohhhh my. Worth it is an understatement. The clarity call alone was full of massive YES moments that validated my decision and made me excited to talk further with Mel. The level-up session was very much that. Mel offers the perfect balance of encouragement, ideas, intuition and practicality. I left the first session feeling inspired, empowered, and like the things I had dreamt up but didn’t know how to facilitate were and are now absolutely possible. Mel goes all the way from the big picture and ideal world to the nitty gritty and the “how to”. And she doesn’t leave you to figure it all out after the session, she continues her support and feedback through Voxer to help you clarify ideas and pave the path you want to walk. I have maybe never felt this hopeful and excited about my creative career. Mel provides the tools to help you bring your dreams alive.

 @Cass McGufficke Music

Professional Singer Uplevels

I'd been wanting to really focus on developing my voice for years and have had on-and-off singing lessons with various teachers between my own performances.

I was looking for a vocal coach to help expand my voice with an approach that would work for me. Mel is amazing! She has so much knowledge about technique and style, is non-judgmental and super warm and friendly – and wow, can she sing! Mel also has an uncanny way of knowing exactly what you need to move forward, and her sessions are tailored to you.

After taking a few sessions and jazz singing workshops with Mel, I decided to get serious, take the plunge, and commit to the 12-month Fearless Singer VIP membership package. It’s so great – the tools, resources, tips, check-ins, inspirations, my singing community – I love it all – and best of all, it keeps me accountable and motivated and inspires me to practice.

Becoming part of Mel's Fearless Singer Community has been great for consistently building my technique and forming a deeper connection with my voice in a supportive environment. Love it!

 @Paula Hackney (aka Melody Graves)

Actor Who Never Saw Herself as Singer


Mel is exceptionally gifted at determining what I need on a particular day. Whether it’s to be pushed, to be nurtured, or to be heard, she provides a safe space for me to be myself.

She is inspirational. She practices what she preaches. She works so bloody hard for her coaching members. Mel’s enthusiasm for us to succeed helps me to keep working towards my goals - my singing goals and my short and long-term goals as a performer.

I now identify as a Singer and have begun development on a one-woman cabaret show to be performed at the end of the year. 

She is a champion for women. She encourages me to take up space in the world, push my own and the boundaries of others and level up my career. She is a creative woman’s dream advocate.

@Julie Berry

Maria Finds Her Confidence 

Maria did singing lessons in her youth and somewhere along the way lost her singing confidence. Now you can find this soulful singer and performer belting out anything from Linda Ronstadt or Greek Songs at Brisbane's hippest venues, like the Bearded Lady and Can You Keep A Secret. She is also a part of QPAC's Multicultural Choir MOSAIC. 

Here's what she has to say about Fearless Singer Coaching:

I love how Mel combines her musical knowledge with psychology. 

She is honest - she keeps things real, and she is also very willing to model her own vulnerability - teaching us to do the same! 

And overall, she has a real sense of fun! I highly recommend sessions with Mel! They are one of the most meaningful experiences I have had in my life. 

Maria Stavrou