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Join your painfully honest, humorous, big-hearted host, Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras, to talk about what’s holding us back from living our creative, musical dream lives.

We will undo untrue narratives that stop us from singing and expressing ourselves fully, creating our dream projects & music businesses. And talk to absolute bosses who are doing this work and succeeding.

Let's rise together! 

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Episode Highlights

I know I'm not alone in feeling that life can be a rollercoaster, and the journey of a creative is no exception.

From tech troubles to feeling drained, I had a doozy of a week leading up to this podcast episode.

I did my head in with troubleshooting a lot of sticky tech stuff, which you will hear about.

And I did a number on my life force – I felt pretty defeated and detached.

But luckily, the Universe delivered a Netflix special created by Jonah Hill about his therapist Phil Stutz, author of the Tools.

And while the documentary was nothing short of beautiful and cathartic – there was one question posed by Stutz that completely changed my life!

“Would you rather be right or create?”

I’ve only heard it as, “Would you rather be right or happy?” And because the word “happy” doesn’t mean much to me, I’ve always dismissed it.

But because “to create” brings me such joy, and it is loaded with “servitude”, the answer is simple. I choose to create!

 You can listen to me unpack this here.

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