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Overcoming Fear to
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Join your painfully honest, humorous, big-hearted host, Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras, to talk about what’s holding us back from living our creative, musical dream lives.

We will undo untrue narratives that stop us from singing and expressing ourselves fully, creating our dream projects & music businesses. And talk to absolute bosses who are doing this work and succeeding.

Let's rise together! 

Mel Lathouras Fearless Singer Podcast Emma Sparks

Episode Highlights

In this episode of the Fearless Singer Podcast, Mel Lathouras talks about the power of stories and how they can help us reconnect with our childlike sense of wonder and magic. Mel shares how her family's gifted storytellers influenced her, and how storytelling can transport us to new worlds, inspire us to imagine new possibilities, and deep dive into magical thinking. She discusses the importance of making time for creativity, fun, and imagination, and how being creative can lead to a surge of energy to help us tackle life's nitty-gritty. Mel encourages listeners to create their own stories, use storytelling as a form of self-expression, and find inspiration in the stories of others. The episode emphasizes the benefits of storytelling in sparking joy in our everyday lives and helps us see things from different perspectives. Whether dealing with real-world matters or not, Mel believes that imagination and being creative can lead to a more expansive state to tackle life admin mode.

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