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Mel Lathouras Fearless Singer Podcast Emma Sparks

Episode Highlights

Get ready to be inspired by Emma Sparks' remarkable journey from crippling anxiety to confidently slaying iconic Julie London songs. In the latest episode of the Fearless Singer podcast, Emma shares her transformational experience with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Quantum Energetics, which helped her reprogram old beliefs that no longer served her and adopt the persona of a confident and fearless performer.

Our Blog Post Guest - Emma Sparks

Emma is a part of the Fearless Singer School and is a creative based in Brisbane, Australia.

She decided to call herself a creative because I love to explore all facets of creativity - both for work and play.

She started out as a graphic designer, then learned photography, then illustration which lead to surface pattern design.

She believes our curiosity is such a huge asset and that she'll be learning for the rest of her life.

She says that real magic happens when you combine all the things you love, and begin creating your own style and bringing your unique flavour in the world.

Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmasparkscreative

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Show Transcript

Mel Lathouras 0:01
G'day and welcome to another podcast episode of feeler singer. I'm really excited today because I get to interview the amazing Emma spa. Hello. So, Emma is in the field of singer membership. She's, I mean, you've been singing like most of your life. Yeah,

Emma Sparks 0:20
but very quietly.

Mel Lathouras 0:23
But you use, I guess officially started your singing journey in the last year. Yeah, yeah. And has honestly done such amazing things. So we're going to talk specifically about Emma's story. However, Emma is also super interesting. She's a designer, entrepreneur, I feel like we've got like very similar ideals and values. We follow the same people on Instagram. We love law of attraction, quantum energetics and anything to do about with boosting our finances. Oh, yeah, we love that content. And we talk about it often. So that might come up today. Yeah, in our conversation, I just wanted to introduce you to her because yeah, I just find it very fascinating. Same. I could honestly just talk for hours. Yeah. But we'll try to keep this to a half an hour. But yeah, I guess. I think what really prompted me to get MRI on is Emma suffered from extreme anxiety. Yeah, when it came to singing, when she first came, it was a massive thing, wasn't it just to have a lesson and to be singing in front of another person to being so freaked out about last week's gig that we had. So we had a feel of singer Jam, which by the way, I'm going to change the name to showcase it's gonna be the feel of singer showcase, because everyone was so bloody good. And you were worried that literally no sound would come out of your mouth. Yeah. However, she sounded like an absolute dream. In fact, she sang to Julie London songs, and she has very similar vocal qualities to Julie London. And you sounded exactly like, thank you so much, and just blew myself and everybody away. Well, honestly. So in our view, so let's some let's like scuttle back, let's go back in time, to in the last year, what made you decide to I guess, you know, conquer that fear and even just show up to a session, you know, with a singing teacher?

Emma Sparks 2:32
Well, it was because I found you. I just knew that we were gonna be like Sony.

So yeah, it was my friend's 30th coming up, and I wanted to get her a nice present. And she loves singing, always has microphone on her. And so I was like, oh, it'd be cool if I could find a singing teacher to book her in with as a president. And then I had messaged all these people, and like, nothing was really like, nobody was getting back to me. And I'm a big believer. And like, if somebody if it's not working, there's a reason. And then I posted on this Facebook group, and then I can't remember who it is somebody that you know, yeah, my friend kitty, kitty. Yeah, yes. She was like, Ah, this is Mel was the website. She's amazing. And as soon as I went on there, I was like, I'm definitely gonna buy one from my friend. But I think this is I'm putting this on the vision board. I would like to come and see you because I had always kind of pictured singing lessons as very dry and scary. But then as soon as I saw your website, I was like, Oh, this chick knows what's up. She does mindset. She does all this, like other stuff that I'm into, like, this seems like a really good fit. But it was still so scary.

Mel Lathouras 3:52
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. But yeah, we were like talking a bit on Instagram before you booked in as well.

Emma Sparks 3:59
Yeah. Yeah, watching all your videos. And I was just like, Oh, I think I'm in love.

Mel Lathouras 4:06
Nice. And how did you feel after your first session? Like what was the what was? Well,

Emma Sparks 4:12
I think you remember, I almost passed out. Because I was so nervous. But yeah, I think I was like, Okay, that was so scary, but I'm alive. This could be a thing. How do I make money so I can buy some more sessions with you? And it felt like so much more possible? Just after one session? Oh, cool.

Mel Lathouras 4:39
And I know like you don't have to just go as deep or only share what you feel comfortable with. But you've done a lot of work on your mindset. What, what do you think is the fear? What is it if you had to label the fear when it comes to singing? What would it be the fear of That is

Emma Sparks 5:00
a very good question. Um, I think it's, I've had like a very big feel fearful my whole life of just being stupid. And I think part of that is yeah, like if I got up in front of people and saying like, they would just be like, holy shit, it's so sorry if I'm Oh, no, you can. Holy shit. You're so stupid. Yeah, so I think there's like lots of different things that kind of sprout from there but I think yeah, being like the youngest child, and I was like the youngest and like that side of my family. You're just always feel a bit dumb. And so it's like, I don't know. It's like I'm a sensitive little crustacean. Scorpio Oh, I call myself like a land crustacean. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. So I don't know that I necessarily thought like when it got closer to the gig. I don't know if I was imagining people actually coming up to me and saying, like, oh, embarrassing for you. Like, why did you do that? But I think I hold myself to such high standards that if I think I'm embarrassing, like imagine what everybody else must think so I think that was yeah, the crux of it.

Mel Lathouras 6:25
So that yeah, the fear of being stupid. If I can tell you because I am often stupid. That's kind of part of my brand. As

Emma Sparks 6:36
I always say the thing that you're like most worried about is like part of your secret sauce. Right?

Mel Lathouras 6:40
Yeah, it's that's definitely my secret sauce. And it's so funny. I think I got over my fear of stupidity. Just take you all back in time to 1999 actually 1999. So yeah, I did drama sports. And if anyone's done it before, it's like, it's brutal, especially if you're working with people you don't really know. So it was like improvisations with people you've got really no rapport with. So I was put into this group of kids from another school. And you could tell that they're all very introverted types, just like what I'm doing. Anyway, and they gave us like this like really super ridiculous subject. Actually, the guy that gave the subject is the head of Queensland Theatre Company. Yeah, he was my English teacher at the time, and he's amazing, actually. So sorry, Rod actually wasn't a topic. It just felt stupid as a teenager who didn't really know what to do, but it was avenging ever, eventing, avalanches. And so the timer went off, and I thought, fuck, well, I guess I'll be the avalanche. And I bombed dived off the stage. I got amazing. Oh, yeah, it was it was at the Playhouse in Bundaberg. So it was kind of a bit rickety. And you know, always been a solid little bricks. So I think the place shook a little bit. And then I kind of looked up and the my team didn't know what to do. They were all the way going. Yeah. And then it was like, we were out. Remember, like, looking up and just seeing the face of all these teenagers in the room like from all these different schools and Bundaberg like regional Queensland come on in the 90s. And they just looked like and I, in that moment, I was so like, horrified. But then I thought, if this is the worst, if this is the worst, yeah. And I I'm still alive. I haven't been struck down by you know, any kind of spiritual force. You know, I haven't like had a heart attack and died. Well, then, I think, I think it's only up from here. I don't know how I had that realisation

Emma Sparks 8:53
so good for a teenager,

Mel Lathouras 8:57
I think it was, I think it was divine intervention was like, Oh, we better like give her a solid thorough bone or something. Um, and then it was so lovely. Because there was this young kid who was in my team and He's name is Dale recut. He's an incredible is cellist. He lives in Berlin now. And he was just so enthusiastic about everyone and everything. And he was like, Oh my God, you're so cool. I can't believe you did that. Like you honestly, thought was amazing. Like, like, everyone else was just like, Oh my God, you're the biggest dickhead I've ever seen. But this one kid turned everything around for me. So it was kind of like that was also divine. My

Emma Sparks 9:44
path. Yeah, a little like thumbs up because it really does only take one person I know.

Mel Lathouras 9:49
It only takes one person to tell you. You know, I'll give you a little bit of support and if you just fixate hard on that person and just don't even worry about what your internal dialogue is Just believe that one person

Emma Sparks 10:01
Yeah, even if you have to, like put it in your pocket, and like just and then get it out later when you're alone and just be like, okay, that compliment. Like, let's just like, yeah.

Mel Lathouras 10:14
Do you keep like nice things that people text you or

Emma Sparks 10:18
I tried to I started a folder on my email so I can like put things in there. But I think I've only got like, two things, but two things is from my mom, maybe listening, do you know email me something?

Mel Lathouras 10:34
If you go to my fridge, you will see like a little note that says your special love mom that I've kept. Yeah. Yeah. Look, my belief is that we're all special, like, my, you know, but still just that one person that thinks you got something? Yeah, even if it is your mom. Yeah.

Emma Sparks 10:52
She's expert, right?

Mel Lathouras 10:55
Yeah. Look, I mean, we're not all blessed to have like incredible mothers or fathers like like that. But yes, but you find your own version. So I'm talking to you, but I'm also talking to the audience. But you find your own version of your family as well. If you can't get that from your, your, your maternal and the paternal. Get it from just make someone else that, you know,

Emma Sparks 11:17
somebody gave me this advice of being like you will find your parents and your family like along the way and all the gaps that they missed. Like you're allowed to take those things from other people when they're presented to you. Yes, I think it's so nice. I think it's nice to because I've met so many lovely mothers along the way of my life, whether they be younger than me and older than me, and like, the nurturing that they've given me has been like, top notch. Yeah.

Mel Lathouras 11:44
Yeah, beautiful parents, but I've received that from you know, different people. And I think to like, the whole idea of re parenting, like you're doing it for yourself. I think the more that you kind of do it for yourself, you tend to find people that match that, don't you? I agree. Yeah. Um, so yeah, it just took one person to go. Actually, I think you're really good. I actually think legitimately think that Emma should be well famous. Not just like blowing smoke up or Ross because she. I honestly feel like if you wanted to, you could legitimately do a Julie London show, you know. But on top of that, you've also got like a voice that lends itself to yeah, definitely to jazz, but also folky. And indeed, it's like, it's got like a really lovely, deep, silky quality. It was at any point, even when you're younger, you're like, Oh, I like the sound of that.

Emma Sparks 12:40
Because I've got a lower voice. I always struggled with like, you know, my songs on the radio. And so I would, I would go, like, maybe hear it and then be like, Oh, maybe that's okay. And then But then I try and sing to something and be like I was incorrect. But this is like a weird example. But I remember being I was probably in like, grade eight or something. And we're watching Catherine Kim. And you know, the the opening thing to it that opening song. And I like just was being a ham and I was like, Whoa, I can't even remember how but there's only

as a joke

is me. And my mom was like, Oh, that was actually quite good. And yeah, I definitely put that one in my back pocket and have kept it even though it was. Yeah, me being him. But um, yeah, that's the only time I can think of being actually like, Oh, okay. Yeah, that

Mel Lathouras 13:40
that was good. But also to you're really good at voices. You got it. I love

Emma Sparks 13:45
entertaining. Yeah. Love it. Yeah. I always like when I saw Mrs. Doubtfire and saw like Robin Williams being like playing the cartoon voice guy. I was like, oh, that's what I want to do. But then, I just I guess I just thought it was not possible. So I just stuck to imitating my friends and coworkers.

Mel Lathouras 14:08
That's also a service. You might not get paid for it. But I feel like you energetically giving so much and with Yeah, honestly, I just think, could you imagine being in a workplace where someone could, like, take the piss. And

Emma Sparks 14:26
I love when other people do it. So I hope people love and I do it. Maybe sometimes I can be a bit mean.

Mel Lathouras 14:33
I couldn't imagine. So do you reckon you could like you would look at doing voiceover work?

Emma Sparks 14:39
Yeah, I've been thinking about it a little bit more in the past a little while because I've been looking more at like, not that it's passive income, but more like passive income strategies where you're not trading your time for money as much. And that is one thing that I have seen come up. So yeah, that would be cool. I'd be I'd be into that.

Mel Lathouras 15:00
Well, let's talk it into being. Let's make it happen. So Emma is also a model. So you did quite a bit of modelling work. You do have a nine to five job, but you also have, yes. So modelling is one of your side hustles. But also design. So if you go to what is your the name of your design company? What's

Emma Sparks 15:21
it's just Emma sparks creative?

Mel Lathouras 15:23
Yeah, so I'm gonna put that on the bottom of the screen here. Emma sparks

Emma Sparks 15:28
I have? I think so. Yeah, I'm

Mel Lathouras 15:29
pretty sure it is. I've been on there. But So Emma is an incredible designer, illustrator crafts woman crafts person. That was a bit gender like, yeah, no, man, sometimes I go old school with that sort of stuff. Um, and yeah, so like, at the moment you are looking at like building multiple streams so that you can eventually that will take over so you don't have to do the nine to five.

Emma Sparks 15:59
Yeah, that's the dream, like, bit of photography, bit of illustration, would like to well, I've written a children's book, I'd like to illustrate it and then put it out in the world photography. I do like textile designs, which I need to like put out there into the world a bit more. What else do I do? singing and acting? You do that very well. Thank you. Yes. So yeah, that's all the things. I mean, there's a list a mile long of all the things I'd like to do, but, I mean, I think we should, okay, let's put this out into the universe that like more people need to be okay, with not niching down because there's so many Instagram businesses, whatever that, uh, like, you need to pick, like, this one thing like the colour of this paint, and that needs to be the only thing that you do. And I'm not into that I want to do all the things.

Mel Lathouras 17:02
And then to that either, however, I love actually Marie Forleo, who is a business coach. And if you check her stuff out, she's got this incredible online course called B School. She does talk about how you can be multi passionate and still niche. And then there's also Emily, Patti, Walsh's. If you put if you type in Emily potty tribe, there's also another amazing human that has created a business out of being a multi potentially. So having like, again, many of those things that you do, however, there's, there's an umbrella, like so there's actually a type of person who you serve, and, and there's like a value that you serve. Alongside of that, then encompasses all those things that you do love that. Yeah, me too, because it's a good idea. Ultimately, like the whole idea of niching is, is important because of the way that algorithms work. You know, in the social space

Emma Sparks 18:07
crazy that like we're basing our lives around algorithms like what even like living in future robot land. Yeah,

Mel Lathouras 18:15
it is a little bit like that. But I also feel like there's almost like an algorithm of life. But there's something in you step and something in defeat. It's actually quite a song called the rhythm of life. Oh, and I'm calling it the algorithm. Yeah, I'll just play a little bit underneath. Hopefully, it won't be a copyright issue within the two. Um, just so you know, the reference. Very awkward joke. But I actually do I feel like it is really important that you know, who you serve, even if you do Yeah, that is the point. Yeah, all the things because then you're creating like a almost like a pseudo real well, it in the beginning, it's like a pseudo relationship with this person. So you create this ideal customer. But then it become you do attract those people and then it becomes that relationship. I'm just gonna, my phone's going off, but it's not ringing so good, but it's vibrating. Yeah, um, so anyway, I just completely Sidewinder you're talking about buddy? I know and into business. Yeah. It's so exciting. I love it. I love being creative. Who does does business full time?

Emma Sparks 19:33
Yeah. As in cool. You're so inspiring. Oh, thanks. No, but it's

Mel Lathouras 19:37
like you know, it's not glamorous, like you do have to actually do stuff but it the the freedom of dislike coming up with something like just imagining something into being and then offering it as a service. Like based on all the stuff that you love that you already know Shitloads about because you love

Emma Sparks 19:56
it. Yeah, and like valuing Yeah, that's because that's something else we've talked about, like we think the things that we're good at, like, Oh, that's too easy. Nobody would be interested in that. But like people are like, the amount of times I watch YouTube videos about the most basic stuff that somebody else would find so easy, but like, you know, you can make your millions from posting a video about how to screw up something into a wall. Yeah, absolutely anything.

Mel Lathouras 20:24
It's so funny. I don't know how to drill a hole in a wall. Like and then nail into it. I think there's like a video from years ago where my brother's like literally filming me as and laughing at me as I'm like, going, like with a drill with an algo Why isn't it going in?

Emma Sparks 20:40
I've been there. My stepdad once was like, Have you been using my drill? And I was like, oh, yeah, I was trying to I think I was trying to IKEA stuff together. And he's like, Yeah, cuz he had it on like the hammer function instead of like the drill.

Mel Lathouras 20:53
So you could legitimately like, make a, like a three video course on how to put a hole in the wall and then put a nail in there. I would watch that. And then you know, charge 19 USD. Yeah. And then, you know, just watch is like people like pithy people like me. That will literally buy that.

Emma Sparks 21:14
Yeah. 100% Yeah, yeah. Love that.

Mel Lathouras 21:17
So anyway, let's let's move away from the business anywhere. Um, let's come back to how did you get to a point like, I know, like, we had our sessions together. But you know, sessions are one thing, but you actually have to go home and like, do the work. So how did you get yourself to a point where, like, you're so scared about literally getting up. And then no sound coming out of your mouth? To actually singing like jelly London?

Yeah, Holly, Molly, what did you do? Great question.

I know what you did. But while everyone else like you did,

Emma Sparks 21:53
for everyone listening at home, EFT has been just, like, incredible. Like I heard about EFT tapping. Watching. I would say that show called Jane the Virgin. And her therapist is like, you should do this EFT tapping. And I was like, Oh, that's interesting. And then, you know, watch Jane the Virgin do this thing. But then I kind of did no more with it. Wish I did, because that was like, might have even been five years ago, I don't even know. But then we had talked about EFT tapping, and I'd seen some stuff on Instagram. And yeah, then we'd had done some during our sessions. But then as the gig was getting closer and closer, and I was like, I just like I lit, I don't know what will happen. I don't know if anything will come out. I need to like, kind of take charge. Like, it's like this gig is happening. Like I'm on a timeframe. And I'm much better with deadlines than I am if I've just got free time. So it was a perfect storm. But yeah, I started doing tapping about just listing out all of my fears about about the gig and about singing in front of people and all this stuff. And then also started thinking more about embodiment. So we've talked about Peter ferry on Instagram, she's amazing. She does lots of Timeline Jumping stuff. And she Yeah, talks about kind of showing up as the person that you need to be for whatever you want to happen to come through kind of thing. So yeah, I did kind of a bit of a visualisation and then just switch the narrative in my head because I realised I was thinking about singing in front of people as a big scary thing. And then I realised that, like, if you zoom out from that, like going to gigs is really fun. And seeing somebody perform, like, most of the time, you have like an out of body experience. And you're like, oh my god, this is amazing. Like, I'm gonna live my best life from now on because this is so inspiring, like seeing these people doing these things. And then, yeah, it was like, Oh, hang on. Okay, the mindset switch I need is, this can be easy and fun. And that's something that I've like had as my yearly mantra thing, like, it can like, let it be easy. So I tried to focus on that a bit. And two, yeah, so let it be easy. And then also, like, I liked the idea of like, let your light shine. And then you give other people permission to do the same. Yeah.

I said to myself, Mike. Yeah, it's just like, so good. And

it makes you feel less weird about being weird and being just like letting it out. Because you're like, you're coming from a good place. Yeah. Yeah. And so yeah, I just tried to focus a bit more on that and yeah, do all this tapping and be like, Oh, okay, I can I can be excited about this. This can be a fun thing. I can share this with other people. little mallet, maybe they'll be inspired to get over whatever the fears they have. And yeah, it was amazing. Because I didn't do that many sessions of tapping and thinking about this different embodiment before the show. It was really like the main big one was literally the morning of the show or the day before. Oh, and then we had the rehearsal on the Tuesday night. Yeah. Well, I had a singing lesson with you on the Tuesday night. And I just decided, Okay, I'm going to wear my outfit that I'm going to wear on Thursday night, I'm going to treat this like a dress rehearsal, I'm going to stop being scared. And I'm just gonna, like, be a little bit heavy. And just do it. And like, and then it just, oh my gosh, like, I get nervous opening a letter, like, I get a phone call, like, I'm just a nervous person, every day of my life. And, like, all day, on the Thursday, I was just waiting to feel nervous. Like I kept on like, checking in with myself. And it was like, literally the most clear example I felt of rewiring my brain. You totally did. Yeah, cuz I was like, where is it? Like I was waiting to go along this usual pathway that I go on.

There wasn't that and can I just say to

Mel Lathouras 26:17
EFT the power of it is so subtle. So you would have cleared stuff in those one or two sessions? Definitely. Yeah. And then it's helped you reframe it. And then so you've done the sessions. You've also done the embodiment visualisation. You've then it's allowed you to reframe it to being more about you put yourself in the audience perspective of how you feel when you witness somebody shining their light, because, you know, as an audience member, how lovely that is to feel that permission. Yeah. So you've reframed it that way, to the point where it's like, well, there's no point in worrying because yeah, there's nothing to worry about. It's just gonna be more me like,

Emma Sparks 27:05
you're just gonna go out there. Like, I

don't know any of these people. Yeah, and I love that you keep

Mel Lathouras 27:09
using the word hit like I'm just gonna hit B. I'm gonna hammer it up. It's so hilarious, because if you go on to Emma's Instagram, and I'll post that here, too, I think it's just at Emma sparks Emma J. Sparks image icebox yet right read the post that she she made about this because she said, I'm gonna go in there with Miss Piggy energy. Well, moisturise.

Emma Sparks 27:36
moisturise, unbothered thriving. Yeah, because like, Miss Piggy is like, an icon festival. Yeah. Just feel so self isn't the most amazing singer in the world. But just as like, you know what? Here I am. Yeah, does the thing and I was like, okay, that's that's the vibes for this. Yeah. Yeah,

Mel Lathouras 27:56
absolutely. And it's, it's nice. It was like, kind of like a heightened persona of who you actually are anyway, like, it wasn't that you're being anything?

Yeah, that's the thing I want to say about embodiment is it's like you don't you're not like throwing your true authentic self away. It's just like accepting the parts of you that are already there that are like the one to perform and want to show up and shine the light and all of that.

It's almost like it's a little bit shadow integration, isn't it? Is that stuff that we like? We push down and go Oh, no. Can't be too much. Yeah, can't be too ham. Can be too Jon Hamm. Um, you know, that I mean, that's like when you like actually shine a light on those parts that you'd normally repress because as a society we've been taught to repress particularly in Australia, as women you know. Yes. View actually bringing them out. You are just literally being more of yourself. Yeah, totally. Bringing all the parts in integrating it. Here go. What a gift. Yeah.

Emma Sparks 29:02
Like, gosh,

it was right there all along. Continually blows me away. Every time I have some kind of epiphany. I'm like, Oh, it was like, it was in here the whole time. Well, I can just see realise Oh, my gosh,

Mel Lathouras 29:15
Dorothy story. Just like you know, have you got red ruby shoes?

No, but now that you mentioned I will be purchasing some I saw

some on rolly. Yeah, they've little sparkly red. Yeah, they look really good not to I don't like to, you know, support. You know, capitalism but do I like to love things? I do like shiny things. But ya know, maybe that could be sort of part of your like, your outfit. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Like, like moving forward. Like you have these red ruby shoes. Doesn't matter what you wear. Yeah.

Emma Sparks 29:55
Oh, I'm into that. I did almost. I have to show you these cowboy. routers I almost bought they were like the most Dolly Parton. I think they're even called like Dolly Parton. Anyway, they like hot pink and they put like golden shiny some sunbeams on them. Oh my god. Oh my gosh, they're amazing. Are they online? Yeah, they're on a sauce but they've only got size five left. Far out. Why do I have big coughs

I mean like five size five no events. Five is kind of very small JK. Yeah.

Mel Lathouras 30:29
But anyway, yes. shoes for gigs. Yeah.

Yeah, absolutely. I've been wearing these just white cowgirl boots. Like for the last I don't know every gig though. I wear it doesn't matter what I've put on my body.

Emma Sparks 30:42
I mean cowboy boots go with their boots go with every cow

Mel Lathouras 30:45
them boots. Yeah, they really do. Um, but that's my thing. That's my kind of live i love it doesn't matter what you got do with it's jazz or so? Yeah, this way. These are the Irish. Irish. I did. I got a little bit. A little bit drunk. It was a bit embarrassing and got up and started singing in an Irish accent. And also funny handsome guy come up and go. You sounded exactly like Bjork. Irish. Thank you. Oh, fantastic. So I guess to recap, this has been a really amazing interview, by the way. Yeah, cuz you've just, you've touched on so many exciting topics. One is idea of just a bit of an in summary. Yeah. This idea of embracing all those parts that you know, we've been taught to repress to be our full authentic self and you keep you kept using the word ham, which I really like, feel like we need to make that a hashtag.

Emma Sparks 31:51
Bring out your hams. Yeah.

Mel Lathouras 31:55
Not just for Christmas lunch. Him cancel. Yeah. And yeah, I love that so much. And this idea of you reframing that whole experience of not of like, what it is that I'm doing, it's like, or it wasn't like you reframed it. So it wasn't really about you, the performer was more about the audience, like what you're able to bring through for people, which I think is really lovely, because it just takes you out of this. Well, I feel like, well, I feel like I know, ego cannot exist. When in service, like this. It's a total dissolving of ego when you operate from that space of I'm here to give.

Emma Sparks 32:40
Yeah. And also, another thing that I was thinking about just quickly, is like, if I go and see a gig, whether it's like an international performer or somebody local, like I do not expect them to hit all the notes, like, I'm just set for the vibes for the atmosphere to have a good time to have a dance like whatever. Like, I don't care. And so like, probably other people don't care if you miss some notes.

Mel Lathouras 33:02
You've just totally nailed it. It really isn't about that. Like look as as a purple pedagogue it's lovely to hear these, you know, beautiful, well crafted voices. However, if there's no heart there, it kind of gets a little bit

Emma Sparks 33:19
boring after all, you just don't really famous this ad like we

Mel Lathouras 33:23
just don't really feel anything. Yeah. And I think our whole job is to help people feel things, you know, like, yeah, so I think you're so right. I remember so many performances, like even Rufus Wainwright does going not and stopping going, Oh, I fucked that up. And then like starting again. And you know, but he made a joke out of it like that. I always know. Like, when I start things up, I've always got comedy to fall back on.

Emma Sparks 33:50
Yeah. Just put it out.

Mel Lathouras 33:53
It's like, it's my like little survival mechanism. But that's it. Like you just have a laugh as long as you are okay. Everyone else will be okay. 100% Anyone you beat yourself up and you know, start self flagellating? Like, in front of a crowd. That's when you make people feel unsafe. Yeah, that's

like takes the vibe sound like Yeah, even if you fall over in the street. Like if you get up I mean, like, oh, yeah, like, so much better.

Yeah. Absolutely. Um, because, like, ultimately, our job is also to provide that safety for our audience as well. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. So you've touched on you've like discovered in a like a short period of time, mind you, because you only really started doing singing sessions. Like last year, you've really unpacked and uncovered to do the work that as you know, like that we all do as performers, you know, so well done. Is there anything else that I missed? I mentioned you did initially the you were able to name the fear. I think that's really important.

Speaker 2 35:06
Yeah, getting them like out of your body. Yeah, that's one thing with EFT that has been because when I first started doing EFT I was looking at tapping with Brad on.

Speaker 1 35:15
I love Brad Yates. He's the daddy of tapping. Not make him sound like creepy. These

Speaker 2 35:24
like, yeah, so nice. But I would kind of like avoid the ones where he would like, or like any tapping videos where they would like name the fears first, because I was like, oh, like not ready for that. But then once I started doing it it like, because sometimes you don't know what the fears are until you like make a point of saying them out loud and be like, Oh, wow, that is so true. Like and then you kind of like set it free like a little bird like, you buy

Speaker 1 35:53
a really nice image. Like yeah, like seeing it as like these little cage birds. And like when you're getting these feelings out of your body by naming them you like going and it's like flying away. Lovely.

Emma Sparks 36:07
It really does feel so much better.

Speaker 1 36:09
Yeah, well on that note, I think that's a really lovely image to end on. Animals being you know, trapped inside one's body. Just got diagnosed with a dust mite allergy today. So yeah, the dust mites do free, let the dust mostly free. And then thank you so much for being here. Emma sparks Everybody, please give her a club. And I'll put all her links right here. So go check out her work and obviously, follow her on Instagram because I'm I'm putting it out there that she'll be posting way more about music and singing and doing more singing in that space. As well as not to like

Speaker 2 36:50
I just didn't know like, you know, at last week I was like, Is this my first and last gig but now I'm like, Oh, that was that was fine. I'm gonna dig and this is cool.

Mel Lathouras 37:01
I said, honestly, because I want to start like buying your like, you know, concert tickets and you teach our T shirt. Yeah. And buy your vinyl. And I'm probably so that's my dream. Yeah, this year. This year. This is the one you do that voice way better than the New York. Coffee. Coffee. Yeah. Well, on that note. Oh my God. Have a little cold coffee.

Emma Sparks 37:29
Let's have a coffee.

Mel Lathouras 37:30
Let's have a coffee. All right. See you later. Thanks for listening. Bye bye.