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This is my story on how deadlines and I became friends after a tumultuous relationship, starting back when I was 10. 

Yes, I have been deadline-resistant for most of my adult life until now.

A few years ago, I had finished my music degrees, and the gigs that had come so easily to me stopped.

I went quite a while without performing. And my self-confidence dwindled – I was a fish out of water.

I then realised I had to take responsibility for making my opportunities.

These brilliant ideas I kept telling people about (mostly my Mum and my best friend Amy, who I FaceTime daily) wouldn’t be manifested without action.

So, I reached out to JMI Live and asked for a gig. It was a few months into the future, so there was enough space not to freak out but a clear deadline.

And I found my new method to make things happen – book the show even when you’re not ready!

This method can apply to any project really. Set a date and tell people about it!

In this episode, you can learn about how to: 

✨ Bite the bullet, give yourself a clear date (even if you aren’t ready), and then reverse engineer your project. 

✨How to ask for a gig at a Venue - ask for what you want! 

✨Uncover resistance and coach yourself out of it.

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Mel Lathouras 0:00
Okay, I'm live with an episode of Fearless Singer. So this is going to be episode 36. And I thought I'd do something different. And if you see me doing this a lot, I've got my phone, not strategically angled appropriately for this. Yeah, I'm gonna have to invest in some, some stands. I think I want to continue this. But yeah, I thought I'd do something different for this week's podcast. I have an amazing interview that I did that will come out next week. That's with the wonderful Victoria Watson from some jerks. But this week, it's been it's been a crazy week. There's, there's a lot on and I thought I'll just jump on, I'll do a live and I'll also upload this to stream on Spotify and Apple or any good streaming platform that you decide to use for this episode. But today, I'm talking about the power of deadlines. And I've got a bit of a story with deadlines. So deadlines in myself have haven't been?

Unknown Speaker 1:07
Well, we have a bit of a techy relationship in the beginning.

Mel Lathouras 1:12
It was Yeah, deadlines really gave me anxiety. You know, when I was a kid, I still distinctly remember my first moment of true pain and anxiety when I realised that I had an a Stanford, you know, a few days in a few days time. So in a Stanford is

it's very big and Bundaberg, by the way where I grew up, is where you you know, you learn to palms, you learn some songs, and you perform, but you're also compete. And I remember

thinking, Oh, my God, I haven't learned my words. I haven't done anything. Ah, and yeah, and that was pretty much my childhood as well, like, and also my teenage years, I'd leave things to the last minute, I gave my mother a lot of anxiety

around leaving things to the last minute and also even sometimes, you know, submitting things after the due date as well. So, yeah, that it really, it wasn't fun. And then I got into, you know, uni the same thing. We have deadlines. And then I had a career for a long time, which was all about deadlines. So I did journalism in the beginning, didn't do music. And I got a career in government PR, actually. So which is the opposite of of journalism. But yeah, there was a lot of you know, you had journalists, inquiring, you know, about different things. I work for Queensland Transport and Main Roads, and you had to get responses to them in a timely fashion. You know, and so yeah, then I saw went from, you know, fearing deadlines, to really fearing deadlines, you know, because I was, I was actually now I'm getting paid. This is my career. So, I haven't had an easy run with deadlines. But then, you know, as you know, I had this career in corporate communications, came back, went to uni, did music, and then

Unknown Speaker 3:22
deadlines have to become my friend, because otherwise things when you're a sole trader, and you, your business is music, whether you're a performer,

Unknown Speaker 3:35
you know, or you write music, or, you know, you're a coach.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
This is where you need deadlines in order to actually action things otherwise, you know, I mean, you can be lucky and opportunities just come to you. But actually, you have to create those opportunities, and you have to give yourself a due date. Otherwise, things don't get done. And the same thing goes for when you know, you've got, you've got to do these things. Otherwise, you know, you're just really not going to pay your rent or, you know, eat

Unknown Speaker 4:14
especially right now in this economy, you know, so then you have to then go, oh, I have to give myself a list of things to do. And I have to schedule this stuff in and if I don't schedule it into my calendar, it's not going to get done. So I just want to preface that when I talk about deadlines. You know, I had a lot of resistance to them. But they did come a time and it was just after I'd finished my Master's at the Conservatorium. I think I also, I was probably around the same time actually, I finished my grad dip in education as well. So I was pretty busy. And then also running a feeler singer sing

Unknown Speaker 5:00
In just just doing just straight singing, teaching, and that's what got me through my grad dip.

Unknown Speaker 5:05
I didn't have any government assistance. So there was, there was a lot going on but I wasn't performing. I wasn't gigging you know, I might get one or two here or there but, and are really felt,

Unknown Speaker 5:20
ah, gosh, it was, it was a really interesting time because I think it did cause me a lot of sadness. Because my, you know, I'm wired to perform, I'm wired to be on stage, it's what I love to do.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
And it just wasn't happening. And I felt like that my identity as identity as a singer and performer was starting to sort of get a little bit hazy as well. And, yeah, it caused me a lot of sadness. Until it dawned on me actually, I had one kind of, I won't go into the details, but I had it, I did have one gig, that

Unknown Speaker 5:59
bless this person gave me an opportunity, and it bombed. And I thought, oh, no, and I'm definitely not gonna get asked to do anything like this ever again.

Unknown Speaker 6:13
And it occurred to me that okay, all right, you're gonna have to start taking matters into your own hands. And you're gonna have to start manifesting these beautiful ideas for for concerts and, you know, different concepts that you have. You need, you need to make this happen. You can't just keep relying on other people to come in, swoop in and, you know, give you an opportunity. So that was a real turning point for me, because I realised, oh, I, I'm, I'm sad right now. Oh, I, oh, what I can take a little bit of responsibility for this and change the situation for myself.

Unknown Speaker 6:50
I was in my early 30s.

Unknown Speaker 6:53
And so that's when I had this idea of, Okay, how about I just, I just booked the gig. Why don't I just and then put it somewhere in the future where it it's going to happen, and it's gonna happen this year. But it's not gonna be too freaky. You know, like, there's one thing saying, Yep. All right, just booked the gig and then booking it in a few weeks time that would put my nervous system into, you know, flight fight. So yeah, I reached out to the university that I went to Jazz Music Institute, I did my undergrad, their best jazz music course in the whole of Australia, please check them out.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
They have they run a venue called JMR live. And I just reached out and said, Oh, hey, Dan, could I please have a gig sometime? And luckily, bless him was like, Yeah, sure, Mal. How September.

Unknown Speaker 7:52
And then yeah, so there, I had a clear deadline. And then also, I've been toying with this idea of, really, the, by the way, Brisbane is full of incredible, talented musicians. Like we are so blessed with talent, it's ridiculous.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
And it comes down to because everyone is amazing. It comes down to well, who do you Who do you vibe with, you know, and these can be your friends. But you know, sometimes your most talented friend who you love and adore, and you, you know, want to see them succeed in their musical endeavours, you probably don't vibe with them collaboratively. And that's okay. So it's like, it comes a question of all who do you vibe with? And I really gave me this opportunity to go Oh, who? What do I really? Do I want to play with, you know, who do I feel really good around. And my response was women I love love my female musician, friends, you know, and, and this is where yes, Queen was born. So at the time, I was watching a lot of rue Paul, as as you know, from the name suggests, and yeah, reached out to one of my dear friends, Paul gurbin. She's my little bestie and my other little bestie to Neil West, who's an incredible singer. So Paul has piano player to Neil's a singer. And yeah, we put together this beautiful band of female identifying musicians.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
We then begin after a few more gigs we began to diversify we allowed if, you know they were the minority, we will all have men into our group.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
But yeah, that first gig a day in my life was a yes Queen event. And honestly, it changed my world. It changed my world in many ways because

Unknown Speaker 9:51
it made me realise that

Unknown Speaker 9:54
I can make things happen by one just asking for you

Unknown Speaker 10:00
A date, you know, I knew I needed a date and a venue and all I had to do was reach out and say, Hey, and I know, you can say, well, Mel, you know, you've connected to Jay in my life. But honestly, I also know a lot of venue owners around Brisbane, are really happy to hear from you. Even if you know, you may not be connected to the scene, I know, they'd be happy for you to send through a little bio and some music. Also, you can always start with actually just hiring a space yourself. So a lot of venues are also very reasonable. If you want to hire the space, you know, maybe at the front of their bar, so it can you keep a secret, it's for one of the weeknights, you know, it's very reasonable. So you might go, Okay, I'm going to back myself, I'm going to pay the, you know, a couple $100 I'm going to book the space. And you can even just start with inviting your friends. Because, by the way, our first audiences are always our friends and family, you know? And that is okay. And that that audience might stay with you for the course of your, you know, Korea. Well, you'd hope so.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
But you know, that's where we start. And then we build our audience from there. So yeah, so that's, that's it, you can just go right power of a deadline, get the date, get the venue, pay for the venue if you have to.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
And then get your friends and family involved and say, Hey, I've got I've got this, you know, I've got this setlist of songs that I really want to share with you. Please come and enjoy a nice one and a little bit of jazz or whatever you like to do. Or it could be a cabaret performance, it could be more of your telling a story. Whatever your goal is, whatever your dream is, just know that it can start with a deadline. You just tell yourself that this is going to happen. The other thing too, with the power of deadlines is you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:06
saying okay, I there is a there's a jam at this every month, there's a Brisbane singers jam at Brisbane jazz club, like a jazz jam. So you know, it happens the first week of every month, you can go okay, who runs that? Okay, Ingrid James. All right, I'm gonna send her an email and see if I can get in for you know, March next year. You know, and we're talking about really con people that'd be like, Sure, thank you for reaching out, you know, so that's the other thing. So goals don't have to look like the big kahuna. Let's you know, get the venue let's you know, put on a show for yourself. You can start smaller. You can even start with having a night at your home and inviting your friends friends and family and saying, Hey, I'm doing a recital on Sunday. 30th of September. Yeah, come along.

Unknown Speaker 13:03
So yeah, just just start with a date. And then you can work your way back from there. So reverse engineering has been, honestly, has been my saviour. I start with the end result. And then I work my way back and I go okay, well, what do I need? Alright, I need songs.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I need I need a band. All right, you reach out you go through your contacts. The other thing too, and I know that this will come up for some people. It's like, well, I don't have any contacts. What am I do you feel a single members, colleague Stephenson Stevenson, so she actually did a podcast episode. Please go and I forget what episode it is, but I'll link it in. But she went on like there's a

Unknown Speaker 13:48
website and I'll find out what it is specifically. And I'll also link that too. It's kind of like a Tinder for musicians, but not to hook up romantically but to, to collaborate and join bands. And also, you know, write songs. So, you know, there are resources at your disposal. There's Facebook, there's music, classifieds, Brisbane, music, classifieds, but I'm sure wherever you're listening from, there will be you know, one in your area as well. So you can reach and go, Hey, this is who I am, this is what I play. This is what I like interested in collaborating, I'd like to you know, do some gigs or I'm actually putting on a gig and we'd like a guitarist for this for this event. We're all on I'm on that. Like, I'm always looking out for gigs on there. So

Unknown Speaker 14:40
just know that that's a very invaluable resource where you can start connecting into a network that exists already. It's free. And yes, source your musicians that way and and hopefully long term collaboration and connection.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
So yeah, so that

Unknown Speaker 15:00
That's that. The other thing too, with deadlines, and I mentioned this in the beginning, because I had a lot of resistance to deadlines. So I have to do that. By that time, that was pretty much all of my childhood and young adulthood as well. It's a terrible, I was a terrible employee, I must admit, I don't know, I think I might be different now. But back in the day, my 20s and early 30s.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
I feel very bad.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Anyway, I should also work on forgiving myself for that time of my life. But yeah, deadlines, I have a lot of resistance towards them. So that's worth the conversation with yourself and going, okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
Let's be curious about this resistance. Where does it come from? And a lot of the time, it's this fear of doing things incorrectly. That was for me, anyway, this like, oh, but if I try, and I, you know, I really try and I fail, that feels yuck. And I don't want them to have to face that. Or what if, you know, does do well, and then I go, like, my life takes me in a direction that I don't feel comfortable or safe enough yet with. And that's the other thing too, is that fear of success? What if I, you know, start attracting people that make me feel unsafe, or, you know, there's so much stuff that is just permeating in our, not just our mind, but also our body? Because our body, you know, our organs take on memories as well. It's like a cocktail in here, and it's worth the conversation going, okay, or what am I afraid of, because resistance is just fear of something. And, you know, and that also could be a conversation with a therapist, or whatever your modality of choice is, or a life coach. And just to dig a little bit deeper, and half the time, you know, it just a bit of awareness and a bit of journaling is all it takes to reframe that and go, okay, okay, I could just put everything into this and fail, but shits gonna make a bloody good story. That's my whole thing. I always think I can turn this if this fails, I'll turn this into a really funny story.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
For future gigs, or podcast episodes, or with my friends and family, I'll turn this into a laugh. And I don't know, that takes a lot of the edge off for me, I'm just like, yeah, all right. And also to the other thing, you know, is,

Unknown Speaker 17:47
gosh, I sound like Tony Robbins now. But knowing your why, like, why are you doing it? Why do you want to do it? You know, and I think when we can also move beyond,

Unknown Speaker 17:58
I don't know, it's okay to do things, because you just want to do them because you love it. And that's, that, if that's his, that's strong enough for you, that's great for me. Because I, you know, I use a little bit of some of my toxic traits, like the people pleasing to motivate myself, because I don't want to let such and such down, you know, or,

Unknown Speaker 18:20
you know, cuz I,

Unknown Speaker 18:23
you know, I just

Unknown Speaker 18:26
want to be part of something bigger than myself, you know. The other thing too, is for me is I hone in on my values. I'm very much about community, I'm very much about connection, I'm very much about elevating the voices of women, female, identifying folk, very much about social justice, you know, and, by the way, we probably fail a little bit, you know, in terms of that as well. But you know, doing my best to educate myself and get better at it.

Unknown Speaker 19:01
But yeah, those are my values, I hone in on that. And I try to create when I try to when I do events, or gigs

Unknown Speaker 19:12
I try to make it mean something for other people be of service to other people. And one of those things, and one of those events is Fil A singer showcase, which basically was launched at the beginning of this year.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Because I wanted to create a safe space for people to be able to come and sing and with a with a professional band in a professional venue that doesn't look like and by the way, I'm not dissing studios that do the studio concerts because they're marvellous, they also offer great opportunities for their students.

Unknown Speaker 19:47
But sometimes it just feels like oh, it's, you know, those few concerts feel like a studio concert. I wanted to make it more feel like real life industry like you're at a bar and

Unknown Speaker 20:00
And you're performing. So I chose one of my favourite favourite venues in all of Australia. It's Can you keep a secret and we'll learn GABA run by Emily, who I just admire so much. She's just a powerhouse of a human. And she also has it still secret on Montague road, just down opposite the milk factory. And I'd love her aesthetic. It's all vintage, it's really beautiful. And yeah, that's the other thing too. Connecting with venues that you feel really aligned with, as well is really important to me.

Unknown Speaker 20:36
So yeah, feel a singer showcase was was created for that giving these beautiful people who are part of this membership, a platform to Yeah, in a safe space to go and sing a couple of songs. And even like, like with the feeling of community, there are in the membership in particular, there are singers in there who are complete beginners, but there's all there are also professionals in there too. And this gives them the professionals a safe space to experiment outside of their comfort zone. So take on repertoire that they would feel a bit scared about doing with their usual band, their usual crew, they want, you know, just this spot to try it out. So, yeah, that means the world to me, it means the world to me, to, ah, just to celebrate people and their bravery. You know, because far out it takes a lot to get up on a stage. Like, you know, if you're used to it, because you've, you've been brought up, you've been one of those stage kids. You know, and by the way, I remember it took me years and years and years and years to overcome stage fright. I remember as a little girl, you know, even though I could turn it on when I'm on the stage, I remember being at the side going, how do I stop these?

Unknown Speaker 21:56
How does? How do I stop my body from spasming? You know,

Unknown Speaker 22:01
how do I stop my mouth from feeling weird? Like there was obviously there's the 90s Everyone was just like, you'd be right mind getting up the Go on? Um,

Unknown Speaker 22:13
so yeah, it's a weird environment. It's a bloody weird environment. You know, and especially if you've come from a family where income from

Unknown Speaker 22:23
the, you know, the generation of kids are seen and not heard. That's friggin frightening. So yeah, having this opportunity to go celebrate these beautiful, brave singers who get up and just bowed out a couple of songs. And it's so lovely to see the progression throughout the year. So, so far, we've had how many have we had, we've had all this out. So we've got one tomorrow night, can you keep it secret? So seven o'clock, we start if you're interested in coming, and supporting and just checking out the vibe.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
But yeah, so this will be our fourth and then we've got two more, we've got one in November. And we've got a big, big shebang one in December. And that's where I'm going to book a full band.

Unknown Speaker 23:11
And, yeah, it's gonna go off, it's gonna it's going to be kind of like our Christmas party as well. So I'm really you can see that really excited about it. I'm really, really excited about it.

Unknown Speaker 23:23
But yeah, you can like, because this is the other thing with studio studios, they don't because they have so many students, they can't obviously put on so many different events, it's usually just two. But I really feel like there should be more opportunities. So that's why I've just gone okay, this is takes a lot of work, but Bloody hell, we need to make this happen. Because

Unknown Speaker 23:47
frequency is key, you know, to to get better. We need to be consistent, you know, and show up. It takes practice of showing up to feel start to feel some kind of semblance of confidence on the stage. It's just about showing up consistently. I've just had a few little comments come through on my instal, which is really nice or alpha.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Yeah, alpha said I'm always an aura of performers on the stage. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
It's, um, me too. Even now. I just, I It's interesting yesterday, I had this moment.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
I hate to say like, I feel like a proud parent because it's a bit patronising because I teach mostly adults and I'm not the mother of these gorgeous adults.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
But I can imagine like when you see your child doing something amazing that that sense of pride where you feel like your heart is literally gonna jump out of your chest and you get all teary Well, that was me yesterday, just thinking about

Unknown Speaker 24:55
my feel a singer crew and this hearing really beautiful feedback from the King.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Unity like my beautiful friend and hairdresser was like, Ah, I saw such and such Emma sparks. So she's one of our fellow singer members. I love her work. Ah, you know. And so that made me really proud. And one of my beautiful students location, Morrison, who's also just a phenomenal singer, just was successful in an audition. To see Yeah, it makes you just really, really, really proud. Just to be part of the journey with with these marvellous people.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
So yeah, coming back to that point of just creating something, creating a deeper why and being of service it absolutely that with your deadline, so deadline with values and alignment was service, mate, you can do anything. Honestly, you can do anything, whatever you can imagine that that value service alignment as your motivator, it just

Unknown Speaker 26:06
it will absolutely rocket charge anything that you put out there, you know. And the other thing too, I think what's really important to mention, because I just I just went to a really lovely launch, or, well, not really a launch, but it was a road show. So this incredible entrepreneur, Rebecca Saunders. So she's part of a business community that I'm in, has her own community of business, female entrepreneurs,

Unknown Speaker 26:38
and called the champagne lounge, and she had a roadshow. So she actually she's from Sydney, but she's booked all these events across the country. And, you know, which is huge, by the way, like to organise events interstate. And then if you're not really known in certain communities and patches, it's like that there's the added kind of pressure of having people attend and yada, yada, yada. So she did a massive thing. And she had her Brisbane one last night, and it was beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
And she had Perth booked. And it just, yeah, just even though everything was booked, the deadline was there. She's definitely aligned with her service and her mission. But she couldn't get the numbers in Perth, and it didn't justify, you know, her flying over there. So sometimes we can do that we can set the deadlines. And for whatever reason,

Unknown Speaker 27:37
it's not going to work out. That's okay, too, you know, just to have a bit of acceptance. That Oh, actually, I did book this, my first gig here, but oh, there's too much going on at the moment. And if I did this, I think it would actually send me over the edge. So it's really knowing yourself and going and giving yourself forgiveness and acceptance that sometimes these dead deadlines that we set may not happen and that's totally okay. And just to take a little bit of the slack off, but what I'd say to you is, stay in the room. It's one of my favourite expressions that I've borrowed from, you know, the business world. I think it's from Denise Duffield Thomas, say in the room and just go, Kate, look, I've set this date. This was a horrible time to set this date. All right, I'm going to push it back a couple of months, you know, and give yourself space around it. So for instance, I have a Greek show. So our girl from Greece, this beautiful production company that I've launched with Katarina mental outdoors, please go back and listen to our podcasts together. She's very inspirational powerhouse of a singer and woman and entrepreneur and music therapist. She's amazing. So we have this show on the 23rd of September. It's in Spring Hill, we've because it's part of our it's part of our production company. It's our launch. We've booked some incredible musicians. Oh my god, it's going to be mind blowing. We're collaborating with our beautiful, beautiful friend Christina zd, Ling new who's an incredible musician and singer.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
And, yeah, we've booked a bouzouki player from Melbourne. That guy from Cannes is coming down he's a he's very in tune with with the great music and was parently part of a Balkan band in the 90s and noes are the bass player. My my beautiful friend, Dr. Bob is playing double bass for that event. We just found out that they played in the bulk of band together. So that was just a lovely happened chance moment and have a percussionist so it's a big deal. So I've just gone knowing my personality type because I like to take on so many things. I love to pack those weeks.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
See even sometimes to the detriment of my mental health only starting to learn now not to do that.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
You know, so I've gone okay, I'm done. But I'm doing very little that week. I'm going to just dedicate a week to making sure my lyrics down pat because Greg for me as much as it's in my DNA, it's challenging. I'm also battling I'm not gonna lie, imposter syndrome, being you know, really well, you know, I'm part Greek I'm, I'm not even I'm think I'm third generation. You know, I caught a Greek, but still very much deeply connected to my cultural heritage and really love it but still battling this idea of karmic, you la-z, what are you doing? You know, and so, this is, this is the critical mind that likes to come up and tell us we're a piece of shit, you know, so,

Unknown Speaker 30:55
yeah, battling that. So I just know that I need to create space around things that are really big. So that might be another way of, of overcoming that.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
That anxiety or, yeah, and also to just to check in with resistance and check in with self sabotage, because that can kind of happen as well. And just knowing that they're all based around fear. And fear is just, it's a natural instinct that we have that keeps us alive.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
You know, stops us from walking out on the street, getting killed, it stops us from getting eaten. Well, it stopped us from getting eaten by dinosaurs.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
So it's just natural, but we can we can coach ourselves through it. Is there just you know, their beliefs and thoughts that culminate and trigger a response in us to Yeah, to you know, to create safety so we can we can coach ourselves through it. I think sometimes we think fear is is big, like Lucky monster, but we can we can make friends with it, and we can coach ourselves through it.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
Anyhow, that was a long mini podcast episode. I hope you got a lot out of that. Just a couple little things. So tomorrow night, Thursday, the seventh of September. Our beautiful feeling and community are coming together we have 14 I think I think it's 14 Beautiful singers from our membership performing they're all amazing. come and support us come and be part of the community come and be part of the magic it is so I can't

Unknown Speaker 32:46
tell you how magical is I so a lot of the partners of the performers say oh my god like I if even if I if such and such wasn't even performing I still want to come to this because it's just so supercharged it's a very high vibrational space. So come be part of it the showcase feel a singer showcase tomorrow night at some an app can you give a secret it's a it's a beautiful venue. The other thing is on Saturday, my project little Mel so I do you know jazz but I mix it up with soul blues and country.

Unknown Speaker 33:28
I'm performing at the beer lady, but I'm also performing alongside girl from Greece. So the beautiful Katarina metal our toss, and Christina is Ed leek new. And I've got the glorious to kneel West. My my

Unknown Speaker 33:44
comrade from yas Queen she's she's coming to sing as well. So it's just it's going to be a full femme energetic afternoon at the Vita lady and covering all musical tastes as well. So we've got jazz, we've got soul, we've got blues, we've got rock, we've got to gilia Well song, so we've got country in there.

Unknown Speaker 34:06
And of course, Greek music and even the bearded lady are going to stock ouzo for the occasion. So I'm Yeah, even though I'm on a 12 week health reset. I'm still very excited about them happy to live vicariously through anyone who would like to shot some ouzo.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
So that and then the 23rd of September, the girl from Greece we're launching, so our production company launching with a beautiful concert. Like I said, we've booked this amazing band, it's Katarina, Christina, myself, singing mostly Greek music. I'm doing a couple of folk, traditional folk songs but also a couple of jazz songs. Pink Martini, Amaro meow actually, I don't think I think that was a was one of the actresses.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
Hollywood actresses did that song

Unknown Speaker 35:00
I'm just trying to think who was.

Unknown Speaker 35:02
So it's an old standard, but it was actually

Unknown Speaker 35:06
changed with Greek Lyrics by Rana Morphe. Who's this gun of a singer in Athens, please check out her music. But yeah, the girls are doing pieces from

Unknown Speaker 35:19
theatre aka Theodorakis.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
Had you Dorcas? Yeah, like, there's, there's gonna be a beautiful smorgasbord of Greek music. And yeah, that's, that's what's happening. That's the, my deadlines.

Unknown Speaker 35:36
Am I anxious, maybe just a little bit, especially about the Greek concept. Because again, Greek, and, you know, I'm a kind of a stuttery

Unknown Speaker 35:48
you know, person in general. So, you know, doing that with another language. Yeah, it's gonna be it's gonna be fun. Thank you so much for if you've been checking this out this whole time over live, thank you for being with me. I'm going to upload this and it's going to be available on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Instagram. I'll keep it on Instagram Live. Thank you. Thank you hope.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
And we've got Annabelle Hello, and Brenda. So yeah, I think with these these solo episodes, I'm definitely going to just do it live because Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
What I when I do these by myself and I have the time to edit.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
It does my head in. So I think it's just better that I just go

Unknown Speaker 36:41
if people listen, that's great. If they don't.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
That's also great. Because we're alive. And on that note, I'm going to choose and love you and leave you and thank you so much. Talk to you soon.

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