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In Episode 39 of the Fearless Singer Podcast, I teach how absolutely imperative it is for Singers to share their voices and stories to shift consciousness to create a better world for all of us.

I talk about the interconnectedness of all beings and the need to promote unity and peace right now.

I also acknowledge my own fears about speaking out on this topic but realise my desire for positive change trumps all fear.

I draw inspiration from the late great jazz musician Wayne Shorter, who would play for what he wanted to see in the world - peace and healing. He understood the power of music!

Listen for an inspiring jolt to get yourself centre stage, sharing your magic.

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G'day it's Mel Lathouras with Episode 39, of Fearless Singer, there's actually going to be two podcast episodes this week. This one which is rather impromptu, as well as an interview with an amazing singer, Victoria Watson from an iconic Brisbane band, Some Jerk. So stay tuned for that this week. And today, I want to talk about the fact that if you are a singer, or you have a desire to sing, or a professional voice user storyteller, that more than ever, the world needs to hear your voice.

And I know, that's a

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big overarching thing to talk about. But we understand that we're currently in a tricky time here on the earth here in Australia, as well as overseas. And we know that there is

a belief that we are separate. But from the spiritual teachings that

I am familiar with, my belief is that we are all connected, we're not separate steps, being separate to another person is just an illusion, you know, we're separated by these sacks of meat around us. But there is a collective consciousness, and we're all part of it, we're all connected to him.

And whether you believe that from a spiritual perspective, or you believe that from a scientific perspective, it doesn't really matter.

But more than ever, it's important that if you have that understanding that deeper understanding that you begin to share that through your singing,

through sharing stories, whether that's looks like on a stage, or whether it looks like on social media, or whether you're in a group of your friends, that we start promoting this idea of we're connected.

And the idea of being separate isn't illusion.

And that we start really talking and singing about peace.

And I have great fear about talking about this, I'm going to be really transparent. Because there's definitely a fear of, you know, being political, as a entrepreneur, and as a singer. And there's a fear of saying the wrong thing, getting things wrong.

There's a fear of having these very awkward conversations, there's a fear of revealing myself to be

very much attached to a spiritual

belief in how things operate.

But I have a great desire

to do my bit to do my part, in creating change here in this world that we're currently living in, not just for the people I love, and for myself, but for future generations. And also for people that I don't even personally know,

for children to grow up and feel safe, that should be a right, not a privilege. And that's for all children.

So, I'm doing my bit, and I start here, you know, talking about it on the podcast, using my voice, and not just using my voice, but like all good musicians using my ears, to be deeply listening.

To listen with empathy.

And to know that I will never understand I'll never understand as a white person able bodied

what it means to live in marginalised groups. So what I can do is I can listen with empathy.

And know that I have, I've got nothing to justify or prove. I just want a better world for all of us, you know, so using our ears using our voice, and I'll just talk about a lovely interview that I read when I was young. It was in downbeat magazine. It's a jazz magazine, and it was an interview with Wayne Shorter, famous jazz saxophonist who's just recently passed. And I have shared this before but I'll share it again.

He said that before he would practice

as well as he is about to walk out on stage, he would connect to what he wanted to see in the world.

And he said that when he played his instrument

that he played, for what he wanted to see in the world, and he played for peace, because he understood the divine nature of music, and that it is a powerful source that we connect to that we are conduits, musicians are conduits, we channel this, and we, we bring this out into this 3d reality space, and it's there to heal. He understood that. And

even doing that, even again, if your understanding isn't spiritual in nature, it's more about the human being, connect to those feelings of love, when you're playing, connect to those emotions that really uplift. Because I guarantee you even on a psychological basis, you will be improving the cellular

biology of the people in the room if you're if you're connecting to that, and bringing that forth.

So that's another thing that we can be doing by using our voice.


this is just a short one.

What is your fear? Let's let's identify what the fear is, when it comes to sharing your your unique stories, stories that you know are going to have an enormous capacity to heal.

What is your fear of sharing your beliefs around what's happening in the world?

You know, whether you share that at gigs, or whether you share that again on social media, or share that through your songwriting. So what is let's let's begin by identifying the fear and shining a light on it.

And I wonder, then, can we coach ourselves around it? What would be the worst thing that could happen?

And then keep going, what would be the worst thing that could happen? What would be the worst thing? And then ask yourself a very important question. What, what an enormous goodwill come out of it,

flip it around,

and ask us the universe to show you the power of that to give you examples.

So I'm going to stop this here. And let you know, too that I, I will be doing this work because I know that I've been living in fear around sharing my voice around this. And it's really important to me to do play my part, I play my part in the bigger picture, I know that I'm just this tiny, tiny little speck.

But we're all these tiny little particles that you know, can can create such enormous positive change if we start doing the work.

So feel a singer really is moving into this space is about really identifying okay, what are those fears that are stopping us from doing this this great work? And how do we start to integrate the shadow? How do we, you know, and how do we

elevate? You know?


you know, there's one thing living your dream life, you know, and that's really important. It's important that you are doing that.

But also, let's now connect the dots. It's important that we start

you know, equalising the playing field for everybody that we're all living our dream lives together. Because otherwise what's the point?


bit of a backdrop statement at the end there.

Wishing you loads of love, and if anything in this resonated or you've have any questions, please leave a comment. Feel free to DM me as well. I'm on Instagram at mellow theorists. I'm also on Facebook mela Ferris music.

You can send me an email.

Feel free to hit subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content. And I'll see you soon

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