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How can you be creative when life feels a bit FKN crunchy?

Tune into our Fearless Singer episode with the AMAZING @emmadeanmusic and me (Fearless Singer - Mel Lathouras)! ❤️‍🔥🙌🏻

In this episode, "Getting Your Sparkle Back" - we're diving into creativity, our singing projects and business, and reclaiming your magic in these crunchy times. 

So dive in to discover how we are navigating it, being easy on ourselves, and perhaps channelling it into our singing and art-making.

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I just before we start this Fearless Singer podcast episode with the amazing Emma Dean. I would like to pay my respects, well, we would both like to pay our respects to the traditional custodians, the lands, and seas, and skies in which we operate on.
Uh, in our case, it's the yugger and the horrible people and paying us our respects to, um, both past, present, and emerging.
And also pay our respects to wherever you're tuning in today, the lands and seas and skies, paying our respects to the traditional custodians of those for you.
And I'd just like to also welcome the most incredible human being Emma Dean to the podcast.

I just love her so much.

Well, I love you too.

Thank you.

And just so everyone knows, this will be a bit of a love fest, but we are going to be tackling a very important conversation.

But I'll for those of you who are new to Emma and, uh, her world, so Emma Dean is a multifaceted musician, performer, and create activity coach based in me engine, um, otherwise known as Brisbane Australia, with a diverse skill set encompassing songwriting, arranging music acquires, composing original works of art, Emma is also known for her passion for inspiring collaborations and fostering community through music.

Which I think you're a genius at.

As the founder of the renowned community, quiet, Cheap Trill, Emma has dedicated herself to using music as a powerful tool for cultivating connection and positivity.
With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a creativity coach and music educator.
Whether she's guiding individuals through transformative creative projects or helping them implement healing creative practices, Emma's mission is very, very clear, and that is to spark creativity, confidence, and magic in the lives of those she with, and I just wanna add another c word to that.
I hope no one's like, woah.
Oh, things are gonna get a little bit serious here.
Um, well, you do have charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.
Oh, yeah.
You do, as RuPaul likes to say, But also, I I feel like what you do beautifully because I've had a creative, uh, coaching session a few times with you, and that is you really You help spark that curiosity.
You know, when things come up in people's practices and their lives, You have a lovely way of saying, now.
Yo, that's that's an interesting thing to to sit with in question.
You know, let's, um, let me help you follow a thread with that, which is really beautiful, so that's a bit of feedback for you.
Oh my gosh.
You've just, filled me with such love and and joy, just from that intro.
And you wrote that bio, didn't you? You have been I might have to steal it because it's really good.
Thank you.
Well, always welcome.
I love writing people's liars.
Just putting it out there.
If anyone needs help with their bios, just give you a few dot points.
It's, um, it's a I'm not gonna lie.
It's a combined effort between me and GBT.
We're colleagues.
We're we're writing partners.
I forgot about that.
We, um, Chat GPT is my is like my work colleague.
I go, hey, how does this sound? Does this sound okay? Is it a bit clunky? And it goes, sure.
I can make it less and then it it goes, split something out, and I go, oh, it's close, but then I go and tweak it, you know.
And I and it's nice because you feel like you've you're you've got someone you're collaborating with.
It's a really beautiful relationship you're fostering there.
I agree.
If I could take chat GBT out for copier, I would.
Well, who knows where that could lead? Maybe we can maybe we can create ai a I boyfriends one day.
Or girlfriends.
I don't think it's that far away.
Which is a scary thought.
It's true.
Anyhow, but we were actually here to talk about, uh, creativity and how to keep the the spark and the magic, especially during these crunchy times, because we're we, uh, collectively seeing a lot of trauma, you know, around the world.
And, uh, in this country as well, and, you know, and it's been quite a crunchy, uh, well, it's been a crunchy couple of years, really, and it's all kinda coming to a head.
So it's just like, yeah, how do we how do we stay curious and how do we stay sparkly when your your heart's a little bit sad because of what seeing? That's right.
I mean, what a great question to talk about.
And I think, you know, the world has probably always been really crunchy, um, and has always gone through big periods of crunchiness and and heartache um, but now with social media, we it's just an outpace constantly.
Um, and that's a great way to be kept up to date and informed.
But I also think it can add to just um, you know, this collective kind of trauma that that people are kind of carrying because terrible things that constantly in our in our feeds.
Um, and Yeah.
And and it's really difficult.
Like, it's really, really challenging, um, times for so many people.
And so how do you how do you kind of keep the sparkle or the creative, um, curiosity alive? I've had it's interesting because I've had a you, um, so a few of my friends, um, and family who are very creative people say to me, I just don't feel right about sharing my art on social media right now.
It feels frivolous it feels like it's almost, um, like, it's insensitive, and I totally get that.
Totally get that, but I also think that it is what the world needs as well.
The light and the shade, I think we need that balance, um, and what a shame it would be if we were so bogged down by the trauma and the heartache in the world that we stopped creating altogether.
I kind of feel like at these times, this is what we need most of all.
And our art doesn't always have to be informed by political situations or war or violence or heavy things.
It doesn't always have to be about that stuff for it to be meaningful.
Um, there is just as much call and need for light and joyful and happy and sparkly art as well.
You know, our fed address is the full range of human emotion.
Um, yeah, so so I haven't really answered your question as to how to go about remaining, like, creative, but I think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about curiosity, you know, how can we, as artists, um, ask questions kind of dig deep into into various things that are happening in the world and then transform those things into something tangible or beautiful or or or ugly or or whatever it may be as a way of almost trying to make sense you know, of of things that are happening.
I think we are all designed to kind of do that, and it's our birthright.
To be creative, I really believe that.
I think I think we are all creative, and it is a form of therapy, and it is a necessity.
Um, and it's a way of finding community.
It's a way of expressing Um, yeah.
So, yeah, that didn't answer your question that I No.
Maybe you danced around it.
I well, but the thing is I'd I think it's one of those things where, you know, depending on individuals, there there will be many.
Answers to that question.
Do you know what I mean? So I think, uh, I I think you answered it beautifully, actually.
And you've you, uh, also mentioned a few really important points in that that you said the words therapy.
There is an element of healing to to creativity.
You know, we know singing is is regulating for the nervous system.
We know that singing in groups helps that feeling of connection and community and because of a hormone that's released.
Which is, um, I'm thinking is the oxytocin.
Oxytocin is the bonding.
The bonding chemical.
So you did you didn't nail it.
I I think, you know, it's starting to see, actually, we need our art more than ever right now to make sense of what is happening and also to keep our systems regulated.
Because we are being bombarded with so, so much.
You know, of course, you'd we're we're walking around like a little shocked shells, you know, uh, of, of human beings.
So, you know, and I, I mentioned this the other night, actually, in the, I, so I had uh, membership, and I do a class every Monday night, and that I think as our role as creatives, but I feel like this is our role of, as humans, is to keep coming back into that, you know, regulated state as much as we can because we can operate.
In a way more grounded, centered way from this state, you know? Absolutely.
I I think that is, yeah, it's it's so, so true.
And I think art and creativity, like you said, for everyone is is is a very is very different for some people creating in the form of meditation.
For some people creating what I say creating, I'm talking about a very broad, you know, set of whatever activities, um, I'm thinking about you know, creating music, I'm thinking about cooking, thinking about choosing the clothes you wear, I'm thinking about how you wear your hair, I'm thinking about listening, listening is being creative, how you curate your playlist on Spotify.
That's creative, you know, I'm thinking about a really broad range of things.
So for some people, like I said, it might be meta the meta certificate, it might be, um, a way of releasing rage.
A ray of releasing anger.
Some people, it's a way of processing and and and some people, it's about finding joy and connecting to self.
You know, the but whatever it is, um, you know, it's important that you allow yourself to explore it.
Um, even though at these times when we're being bombarded with really shocking stories, really shocking stories, you might feel like it's not the right time or it's, um, or or that your instinct to kind of do something.
Maybe it's like, I just, you know, I I've just watched the news, and all I want to do is bake this cake.
And and you might be questioning, like, why? That's so, like, cake.
Why? Why? Why do I want to make but go with it for whatever reason.
You need to bake that cake.
You need to do some something with your hands.
You need to take your mind off things.
You need to get in a flow state.
You need to do that.
Do it.
You know, try not to kinda question, um, too much.
That's right.
You mentioned also doing things with your hands.
Apparently, there's yeah, there's data around that tactileness, um, that takes you out of, yeah, the the fight flight form response.
You know, it gets into flow.
So, you know, and even putting your hands in dirt, getting doing some gardening, that kind of thing.
And speaking of dirt, I was just thinking when you're saying that it's interesting how our first initial reaction is guilt.
You know, there are all these people that out there right now who are having a horrific time.
You know, how dare I have any kind of experience of calmness and joy? The alternative, though, is, well, what do we do? Do we just go and dig a hole and bury ourselves in it? You know? How then are we going to be able to be supportive fellow humans in this experience? How can we hold space for others who are going through this hard time.
How can we, um, uh, advocate for others? And, uh, yeah, when we Yeah.
So, you know, staying in staying healthy is is a way to do that as much as we can, and and creativity helps us.
That's so true Mel.
I think it's that old, you know, you put your life mask on before putting the life mask on of your child or your, you know, the person sitting next year, whatever.
And then, and it is true.
It's, um, we have to we have to look after ourselves.
We have to, um, because that's how we are able to help others and how we are able to kind of step forth into the world as the best versions of ourselves.
And I really am a believer that creativity has a huge role in that.
Uh, yeah, I really am.
And, you know, at the moment, you talk about guilt.
I'm in this really strange season of my life, this beautiful season of my life, but really different season where I'm, you know, juggling, working and being, um, creative and and parenting, like, 17 month old twins.
And, you know, those days when I go, I actually really need to prioritize writing this song for half an hour.
I just need to get to be creative.
There's a sense of real guilt there.
And I have to, uh, listen to it, and I'm like, okay.
Why are you feeling guilty? And I have to always go back to hang on.
I need to kind of fill my cup enough to be as robust as I possibly can to be the best parent that I to be creative with my kids to show them, you know, what it's what it looks like to be sparkable.
Um, and and, yeah, this this guilt thing and maybe particularly for women, I think, is a big deal.
Like, I go back to, you know, what I said about people, um, who were close to me really feeling like I just don't wanna post my poll on on Instagram because it just feels too frivolous, you know, And it and it does that guilt.
It is.
It's the guilt factor.
So how do you, like, how do you How did you deal with that? No? The guilt.
Am I allowed to ask you? Yes.
Oh my god.
Do you ever think of prioritizing your creativity? It's interesting how you're talking about feeling guilty as a a mother, but I feel that way about my cat.
So I I met my fair mom as well, and I get it.
I feel super guilty about Charlie not walking him enough at the Like, I It's the same.
I I so because a lot of my so I I've this year is particularly intense for me in terms of workload and juggling a lot of different projects and things.
Also, I've got quite a big teaching load, coaching, like, with my one on one members, um, which is Monday to Wednesday.
So it's jam packed.
And then, yeah, then Thursday usually is a bit of recovery.
Followed by, you know, doing more, you know, content and getting, um, podcasts made, you know, that kind of thing.
And I just feel like I'm always sorta sitting at my computer, and there is a guilt that comes up around my cat that always seems to look depressed, but I think I am projecting onto him.
Uh, but I would I think, oh, no.
He's not being stimulated enough, even though I've bought such ridiculous things, I there's a a bloody five foot pole in my living room.
It looks like a stripper's pole, but, no, it's a cat.
It's a cat pole.
And, uh, you know, and then I take him out for little walks on his lead and stuff like that.
And, you know, we we've occasionally have to run away from scary looking men in my neighborhood.
Uh, anyway, that's that's a little bit of a little bit of ginger thrown in Uh, and yes, I, I do feel guilt around that.
And also too, I feel guilt around Sometimes I feel a little bit of guilt around.
I just never Like, I think one of my underlying beliefs that I need to work on is this belief of not being enough.
I mean, um, and that's why I do operate at, you know, a 110% sometimes because I just don't think I just, you know, always don't think I'm doing enough.
You know? So if I'm doing something like just sitting and relaxing on the piano, which is actually funny enough, I find way more relaxing than singing at this point of time because singing is so integral to my core business.
Even though I advocate for, you know, what are we seeing? It's healing.
Uh, although I do, you know, previously, I love love to sing, but I find piano You know, it's it's relaxing.
I don't have to overuse the vocal muscles.
But then when I'm doing it, I get guilty because I think I should be, oh, no, I should be organizing charts, or I should be organizing this, or doing this and this, but it's then I have to remind myself that, mate, you've been working for about, pretty straight, solid 6 hours today, you can give yourself this little tiny break.
So I do get it.
And then I coach myself through it.
And Yeah.
And if I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm sometimes I'm not a 100 6 a 100% successful with that coaching.
I still carry, but it, you know, anxiety in my body.
And it lingers from time to time, but it's just one of those things.
We're we're big, we're big onions, and we're just constantly peeling away layers.
Uh, we really are.
And, I mean, you bring up such a good, um, like, thing in that there's this whole other type of guilt that comes from, you know, having a creative business, And then, like, creating for pleasure as well, like, and feeling guilty about that.
And I think it's so interesting because when I think about when I was little and why I started creating, and I I did say it's probably very similar to to when you started creating and when you started singing and dancing and, you know, doing whatever we did.
Um, it was because it made me happy.
Like, made me happy.
It made me feel really connected.
I didn't understand this at the time.
Like, I didn't analyze any of it.
It made me connect with the kids in their neighborhood.
So it was like this sense of community because we used to, like, make up dances.
Like, very inter I think I've told you about this before, very interactive, like, set up experiences where I put on skates and take mom and dad like, through the street as I'm acting and skating and my face and be running off the wheel.
So cute.
So funny that, you know, it was such a joyful thing.
And then, of course, you know, I'm so blessed to make, you know, that, that, my career.
Like, I'm able to run a community choir.
I'm able to teach people.
I'm able perform myself.
And once my career, that's my job, but it also does make it really difficult to find the space and the time to create just for the pure pleasure of it.
And I think we need to do that more.
You know, and not feel the need to go, oh, put put the camera on and film it.
So it becomes content.
You know, like, that kind of thing as well.
It's like, oh, no.
Just need a break from all of that for a bit.
And that, you know, we talk, you know, going back to the sparkle theme.
And I think for me, and I'd love to I'd love to ask you the same question, but for me, when I feel my most spark, play, um, is when I'm playing like a child.
And it's when I'm in the room There's no campus, and I'm usually with other people, and I might be wiggling my hands going Oh, you know, another people are using their voice and their body to kind of create something and we're creating magic together, and it's so fun.
And I'm being a total dickhead and it doesn't matter.
And, um, and that is like, Like, you can see it now in my face.
Like, I I am struggling because it's so much fun.
And we can get so weighed down by the admin and the and the what's going on in the world and and everything, and that's all, you know, very valid, but I think I I, you know, for those listening, have a little take a little moment to think about, like, what are the What are the things that really give you joy and make you sparkle, and maybe take yourself back to what it felt like as a child, maybe you were playing with paints, or maybe you're in the garden, maybe baking with with with your mom or dad or your carer or whatever, um, and and have a little just to kind of go back and ask that question.
Can I ask that question of you, Mel? Like, what, what is it that's fucked makes you really smart.
I think you and I are really similar.
I think you and I really love an audience.
You know, but it'll but it's like a co.
Like, we're all collaborating.
It's not it's not I don't I didn't mean that as a, like, a Look at me.
Like, the the, like, more of a, like, when you're, like, together and you're, yeah, yeah, you're just, we're we're each other's audience, and we're all kind of sparkling and recreating.
Um, so, yeah, definitely.
Because I the same as you would put on little concerts with my cousins and, you know, and I'd come out because I was always you know, and I I'm not saying this in any disrespect to, um, my body, but, you know, it's this a very, very cute chubby child.
So just think this beautiful puffy white with this long black hair, these little stumpy legs, and really wanted to look like the old, you know, the older girls, you know, with the little tights and things on.
And, um, didn't quite look the part in the the leotard and stuff like that.
And but would come out and, you know, the adults and the kids would be just roaring with laughter, but it was never in a mean way.
He was always in this very, like, you know, it was very com you know, comical.
And I think, um, I think it's interesting, you know, because we we have spoken about body off before.
And Yeah.
But there was a big part of that was part of the comedy, you know, and it was very and I was very accepted in my family.
You know? This Oh, lisie.
Oh, you little your little devil, your little cutie, and your you know, too tightly attired trying to make us all laugh and dance.
So that, and then, you know, just the same thing, just Yeah.
I love to play.
Um, my best friend and I, um, Amy, Amy Zoo for if you ever anyone wants to look her up, she's spoopy Joe and in Instagram, but Oh, it's Phoeony Jo.
So she, uh, I think she's been an integral part in my adulthood, getting that that childlike quality back.
You know, that sense of play, I think, for a long time, I went down more of a corporate route before I studied music and, uh, came back to music.
But even then took it all way too seriously, I think.
You know? And I think Amy really brought out the play again, and and it started with actually just mucking around with colors and paints.
I've always maintained that can't she's a fantastic artist, and I can't draw.
She's like, yes, you can, mate.
Just start on.
Give it a go.
And then whatever you did, she would just say, Oh, that's amazing.
Like, you know, like, she'd always tell you how good you were, even though, like, you know, I'd go, oh, I think that's pretty shit.
But anyway, but she'd be like, no.
It's not.
It's too hard on yourself.
And, you know, and I think her Uh, very special superpower of making people really feel accepted, you know, and she just absolutely just shower you with that, that warmth and love.
I think that rubbed off with me, you know, so I was able to give that to myself off.
And then now I'm able to do that in the capacity as a coach with fearless singer.
And and I have to say something to you too, um, I think you you've you share superpower as well.
I think you've got that.
You make everyone feel like I I you've I feel like you help us see our sparkle.
You know? Oh, that's that's really thank you.
Thank you so much for saying that.
I when you were talking about spoony Joe, who I, like I said, I've I've listened to your podcast with Amy, and, um, I loved it.
And love her art, because I've seen, you know, your the t shirts and practice so cool.
Um, you know, and you're talking about this beautiful ability that she has to kind of make people feel, um, yeah, I guess seen and accepted and nurtured in their creativity, and I was about to say, like, oh my god.
That's exactly what you have.
You absolutely have that in.
And I know we've touched on this before in in past conversations, but I wonder if a part of that is that at some point, in our life, we maybe haven't felt that way.
And so there's this kind of, I don't know, when when people come to my choir as an example, and I can kind of sense, are you, you know, they might be feeling a little uneasy or they might be feeling like, oh, I can't sing, they can't do this.
I know I just know how that feels.
I know that feeling of, like, walking into a space and not you know, and not feeling like I'm good enough or, like, that I'm that I'm along.
So I can identify that I know how it feels, and therefore, I've, I guess, a way, and I don't even really know what it is.
I've got a few ideas, um, but, yeah, make people kind of hopefully feel empowered and and and helping them find helping them to shine, really, And the older I get, and I've been doing a lot and a lot a lot of self reflection, uh, in the last few months because, you know, there's this, my life has changed so dramatically.
The speed in which I can work has changed so dramatically.
And there's this question mark, like, am I going to continue this kind of performance trajectory.
One of my dreams there, and I love performing.
Oh, I love it.
But the thing that really lights me up and and and makes me smile, if I'm allowed to say, well, I feel like spiral is shining the spotlight on other people.
It's really, like, that's, like, the greatest gift and the greatest in my life is, yes.
I am writing arrangements for my quiet.
I am writing music, and I'd love to do that more.
Writing music for other people to sing and for you know, um, but kind of going here, let's play with this.
I've written this.
Let's have a play.
Let's do that.
And now the spotlights on you, shine, baby, shine.
Like that.
Oh, that is.
It just You saw that.
Oh my gosh.
I saw you recently at the junk bar, and I was just, um, um, I just look.
Sorry if I hope this doesn't all sound like a massive big love bomb session.
But, no, I did.
I was so inspired by you.
You just you You just operate on a different level.
It's it is and it is a if I dare say it, it's, like, a magical realm.
It's, like, you're in this beautiful little esoteric bubble, and you you are.
You're like you're like blender from the wizard bars.
And you actually did look like Linda that night.
You have this beautiful pink dress on with the little red.
What is that? What is that type of stitching? It's very Greek.
It's it is, isn't it? But I don't I do not know, but I know, yes, you're right.
Um And then I've seen and, you know, so it was, it was very inspiring to watch.
And it's and it Yeah.
It's interesting because a lot of the times You know, I'm very appreciative of people's performances and I I love it.
I sometimes sit in, I don't know.
Like, I can my my mind will tend to sort of drift to things I need to do and stuff like that.
Um, and that's not in any way because of them.
It's, you know, but, yeah, that that particular night that I went, I was so just so tired.
I was just wasn't even functioning.
And I was even to a point where I was like, oh, I just stay home.
But I'm so it's one of those moments where I'm glad I went against my, you know, those feelings because I did.
I came back with renewed energy.
And just, yeah, just really inspired you took us on a a journey the whole way.
And and then I saw I've seen you shine, obviously, in that capacity, but I've also seen you shine playing piano or violin for other artists, you know, and then of course seeing you in your role at cheap thrill, and your amazing brother as well.
You know? It you both deserve angels.
Uh, so, yeah, it it's interesting how we can all we can all shine collectively, you know.
It's, uh, in in these different roles.
You don't always have to be right in the center.
No way.
No way.
No way.
For me.
And I I totally there's nothing wrong with that.
I couldn't be No.
Right in the stairs, but, like, that's not.
Have you got Meaning, like, we can all, uh, like, we can all shine.
It doesn't matter if yours in the center or you're, like, you know, or you're you're doing the sound, you know, for for the we're all in it together.
We're we're part of the ecosystem that's creating this beautiful experience by other people.
And the, actually, the audience, the audience themselves, you know, are part of it as well.
If you if you if you bring them in.
And if they are willing.
But I, but I also think, um, that, you know, it kind of comes down to asking yourself, like, again, and coming back to the question, like, what makes you happy because, uh, you're gonna hear throughout your life, so many people's opinions about what you should be doing, you know, for so long, like, Emma, you're really good at this.
You should be doing this.
I don't know why you're not famous.
And so you think, should be famous.
Why am I making famous? Why am I gonna do this thing? And I've gotta, you know, and then you don't even stop or pause to, like, ask yourself, do I want that life, or do I want it to be, you know, touring 8 months of the year, do I actually want those things? And for me, the answer is actually no I definitely don't, but it took me, like, a really, really long time to, to actually give myself permission to answer properly.
It's not saying I don't wanna be successful or respected, but I don't wanna be I don't wanna be, like, um, and that's not the only form of, like, success either.
A lot of people might think it is, but it's not.
It's they're it's not.
So, um, so this idea of, tuning into your inner sparkle and kind of taking note of the voices and the suggestions and the That would be a cool cool cool.
Oh, sounds really great.
Actually, that's really exciting, and I'm curious about that.
I'm gonna go I'm gonna go down that path.
Um, or, like, filter filter the advice out that doesn't resonate.
It takes so much practice, though, I think.
Um, absolutely.
I just did a comedy course on the weekend with Fiona McGary.
And I wanna hear all about this now.
Oh, it it's interesting because I think coming back to the guilt thing, you know, after the tragic event, on Saturday, it it did feel like like a massive slap in the face with a big dick kind of ironic moment that you're you know, you're now going to a comedy course.
And meanwhile, you just literally wanna convulse scream and cry.
But, yeah, I go off on a tangent.
Fiona mentioned that, you know, you're talking about the different advice from different people, but also our full time jobs as creatives is also to manage the feedback from our critical mind.
You know? And one of the things she said And it's something I've heard you say before too, is to be able to just acknowledge it just to go, oh, alright.
Thanks for your feedback.
Thanks for your feedback.
So I guess that's what we can if we start practicing with our self, then it'll make it much easier.
You know, to practice with with, uh, those people around us as well that that likes to get there too bomb.
Lives like to give their 2¢.
You know what I mean? Oh, true.
And I love that you have all sorry.
Oh, no.
I was just gonna say the critical mind Really essentially is there to protect us.
It means well.
You know? And I think I think the majority of majority of people bar, maybe an exception to the rule mean well as well.
You know? So it's So so true.
I I completely agree.
People, um, have generally very good intentions when they say these things.
I love the advice that you just gave then or the suggestion to work, to practice um, responding to your inner critic as a way of getting used to responding to external criticisms or suggestions or whatever it may be.
Because for me, the other it's like the other way.
It's like my inner critic is always the last thing I practice, like, having a and it shouldn't be that way, of course.
But it's like the hardest relationship for me.
And and I think what you just said is, like, so wonderful that maybe start by practicing, like, having a little conversation with your inner critic and your your internal voice.
Um, yeah, to kind of Yeah.
Figure out right there.
I think I can relate to what you said too, Emma.
You know, I, it's it's it's, it's, you know, some days are better than others.
You know? There's some days where that critical voice is really loud.
It's like a Big loud, hairy Greek.
Um, also just talking about myself again.
It's Oh, milk.
She's got a big mouth.
She needs to wax her mustache.
Uh, you know, But then, uh, other days, you can be quite, you know, depending on what kind of sleep you got, how much water you drink, you know.
You can deal with her quite well, you know, and then there's other days where you've drank way too much coffee.
You, you know, you've you've stayed up all night having those halfway calf you know, asleep, you know, types types of nights.
And then she's, she's screaming in your ear.
So, you know, it's a journey.
It's a journey.
It is.
And it's never going away.
Obviously, we know.
We it's not going off.
That voice will always be there, but it's, you know, we we just need to practice that relationship like any other relationship we need to work on and and figure out communicate.
I do.
Anyway, that's good for me too.
And I tell you what, I just wanna also add that It helps to be able to talk to people like this about that.
You know? So having these conversations, I'm really blessed that got I've got Amy, and then I've also got my beautiful Katarini.
Uh, so Katarini, you've met her.
She's a music therapist, so she's my partner in girl from Greece.
And and I've got you.
Oh, and you're so Instagram voice messages.
Oh, it's the best, honestly.
Having having having people to bow those those thoughts around with because sometimes all we're we're seeing is, oh, it's kind of funny.
It's social media.
You know, you're either seeing the absolute horror stories and the the trauma and the tragedy in the world, or you're seeing the show, like, the, what's it called? The show real or that, you know, the highlight reel.
The highlight reel.
And people's like, and you're like, oh, what it's it's hard to remember that these feelings we're talking about is, like, self doubt and things.
They're all very normal, you know, and and sometimes we've just gotta have, like, these real, just real human conversations about it.
Um, and it it makes the world a difference.
I'm so grateful for our connection now and how we are able to talk just very authentically with each other.
Oh, vice versa.
You've helped me a lot through the years.
In, in particular, and actually it's something that we were gonna talk about, uh, when we first, you know, decided we'll do another podcast episode.
Is this idea of we both do very similar things, you know? Yes.
And I was really worried because I have a workshop.
I have a workshop on the 4th May, a singing workshop, which is also goes into mindset as well.
And then you also have a workshop uh, but a series that you're also promoting, uh, at, uh, you know, towards the end of the year.
So does it start September? Yeah.
And I'm so I like my system, I was like lying awake and big going, oh, no.
I I I I wanna help Emma promote her workshop, and then I've got mine.
And it and then you said, oh, mate.
I know.
You know? What's it? I know, but that's it.
Beautiful, though.
Like, things Well, the idea of But the thing is, you know, and and and it's interesting.
It's an interesting thing because, you know, if it was the other way around, it it wouldn't even enter my mind.
It would just be the same thing, but this idea of, you know, taking away or or impacting on some negative on someone else's project.
But the reality is and I know the truth, the the the overarching truth is that there's more than enough opportunities for all of us, you know, we can all coexist, and we can all support each other.
You know, as musicians, as creatives, as coaches.
So do you wanna talk on that for a little bit that idea of we can all coexist, and we can be part of this beautiful fabric.
You know? Absolutely.
And just to put that into context So Mel is a guest teacher at my workshop.
Um, and you were so beautiful Mel, like, just the way you approached it.
I just wanna be really transparent with you.
Um, I've got this workshop coming up, and I I'm gonna, like, it was so Beautiful and genuine.
And, like, um, I guess I was so taken aback by how thoughtful you had been in in trying to figure out how do I promote my workshop and also Emma's and And, uh, firstly, I think my response was like, well, promote your workshop.
Like, my workshop is ages away.
Plus, it's, like, it's my responsibility to be promoting it and, like, you are just so generous with the way you share things.
Um, but then we and then we started discussing, yeah, this idea that, yeah, we do do a similar thing, but we're also very different.
And there's absolutely enough to go around, and we are big believers, I think, both you and I in uh, celebrating particularly women who are doing great things in the industry and men and men, of course, and people.
Um, but but I think maybe both of us, and I I won't speak to you, but certainly for me, I've had experiences where I felt very torn down by by by people within the industry, And and that's really been very scarring.
And so you kind of, for a period, you think, and people tell you, don't, you know, hold that one closer to your chest, Emma.
Keep that one closer to your chest.
You don't wanna be letting that idea out because that person might steal it or or all, like, you know, don't be promoting that person because that they might kind of get really big and.
It's like, what? This is crazy.
This is no way to live.
This is terrible.
I wanna be, like, applauding and celebrating people who I genuinely think of doing wonderful things.
Um, and and I and I hope that's what people will do for me.
I'm very lucky to have reached this.
You know, I'm forty now, and I have this really beautiful collection of female friends, all, like, not like a, you know, group, all kind of very spread out, who we just lift each other up.
I've got my 4 rainbow bop ladies, who a rainbow bop is a kids project that I'm the music director of, and we all celebrate each other Um, and it's just wonderful.
I have you, Mel.
I have Sam Buckingham.
I have a wonderful Alice called Jenna Robertson, and I have a bunch of other people.
And and we just yeah.
We we just lift each other up.
And when and it's those people I feel like I can really turn to and say, oh, this great thing happened.
Cannot share it with you, and and they've got a bloody be there and, like, have a little pop the champagne, you know, and I, um, have to say that, you know, I guess your success is my success.
I just I take it I'd live vicariously through all my mates.
Like, I just, honestly, um yeah.
Well, you say that you've when you said that because you're doing such marvelous things.
You've got some really cool projects on the go.
The rainbow bop, uh, you know, you've got the your creative coaching business.
And by the way, we'll talk a little bit more about it at the end, but Emma's got a a wonderful series called The Creative Colonic.
It's so good.
And we'll talk more about what that is.
But also, uh, Emma's also going on tour at the end of the year with one of my other just I love her to bits.
I just she's so inspirational to me is Sam Buckingham.
And so when I saw that you were doing that, it literally like it was like I was going on tour with Sam Buckingham.
You know, it's like, I get so excited, you know, and so so happy, you know, just Right.
That seeing Not even does my mate succeed.
I I get excited seeing anyone, really.
You know? That is just it's just form.
I and I I just, like, I just wanna have a moment here to also just address that I do definitely still get phyMo.
Oh, I think that oh, mate.
I think that is that's part of being human and And also too, the thing I would also say to that is, you know, like, you know, what kind of sleep did you have? How many how many cups of coffee did you have? There could be also, like, a lot of physical things out of how led up to that.
And also, you know, or what's hap happening.
It it might not be just, you know, it's a bigger it's always a bigger reason for it.
It's never it's never, like, it's not a jealous kind of, you know, I wish I was doing that instead of that person.
Oh, actually, That's not even the bad thing either.
It's like data.
It's like you're saying, you're going, oh, I want that.
I really want that.
And it's what you do with those feelings anyway, you know, having them is very human.
Like you said, it's a very human thing to, like, have I'm gonna have that little pangs of jealous, you know, oh, I wish it was me.
You know, um, but it's what you do with it then.
I think that it really matters.
Are you going to kind of not talk to that person, or are you going to, like, make sure you net share any of their work because no, I'm you know, or are you gonna kind of go, oh, which I'm trying to do that.
Well, Good for that.
That's freaking awesome.
You know? And and yeah.
But, again, all of this staff text practice Oh, and am I perfect at it? Help.
No way.
That's it.
It is.
It is a daily practice, isn't it? It's, you know, goal posts change.
We're forever this year.
You know, you think you Well, it's interesting.
I've just been going throughout, you know, all the Mercury retrogrades and the eclipse is going, oh, it doesn't really impact on me.
You know, I've I yeah.
Mercury regrade, whatever.
It doesn't.
That doesn't apply to me.
This last eclipse, I'm like, yuck.
I didn't know that about myself, you know, like, buzzing.
Um, or things have come up and you're just like, but it's been, like, it's so painful.
I'm not gonna go into details, but at the same time, so needed It's like, oh, thank you.
Thank you for this bit of a purge.
And it's given me the data that I need to be curious to go, okay.
Why why did that happen? You know, you know, asking those questions.
What is it that I actually want? Who do I wanna be? You come back to those fundamentals.
So I think it's, you know, when these things come up that we see the shady side of ourselves, that the shadow.
Part of that integration is just going, oh, hello.
You know? Oh, yeah.
I can see you.
What do you want? Yeah.
What do you want? What do you want? Oh, yeah.
Now I see I hear you know, I love you, you know, that kind of thing.
You know, so we're gonna deflect these walking polyannas because, uh, that would make us pretty really boring, no offense to polyannas out there.
Oh my gosh.
And also too, just from coming back to the comedy, you know, you gotta have something naughty to talk about.
You do.
You need material.
You need material.
Oh, there's so many questions I wanna ask you, Mel, but Yeah.
Do we have do we have fun? No.
Personal questions, actually.
So Oh, I I won't ask them now.
That's alright.
We can we can save it for later.
Uh, can we please talk about the creative conic conic creating a colonic.
It's a great, soft, dumb pellet exercise.
Create a chronic, creative clinic.
Let me just yeah.
It's lovely.
You can do that on a, like, a little five minute scale.
I thought you were going to say for a second.
It's a soft stool exercise? Which we're talking about it? Well, a race soft palate would do something.
It does that The raises the pelvic floor, which would help with a soft stool.
Oh, dear.
I learned the singing technique and singing and shitting technique.
Oh my god.
And so much more.
So we are going to it.
So the creativity pool on it, we've got 3 dates.
Um, 14th September is called discover your creative voice, and I'm working with a really beautiful yoga teacher called Christie McMorrow, who is a wonderful friend of mine and my yoga teacher.
She's also a breathwork teacher.
She does and voice work.
And she does a a range of amazing, um, delicious practices that we're going to be doing on the in the morning.
And then we're gonna just delve into the the world of creative play.
So, um, and that that will be not just music, might be a bit of art, might be some writing, some creative writing, and, um, all sorts of things.
It's gonna be just a lot of fun, um, a bit like a sort of playgroup, play around, um, situation.
So that's 14th September, on 28th September is the joy of singing with Malaguaras.
Um, so Mel is gonna be my very special guest, um, coach.
And, uh, she'll she'll be teaching all of them wonderful things she knows about using your voice, about singing, about performing, about how mindset and, and um, delving into that.
And then what I plan on doing is is some small group singing work.
A lot of people have expressed interest in small group harmony singing, but as well as getting feedback on their solo voices as well if that is something that they're interested in.
So it'll be a beautiful, uh, full day of singing.
And then on the, oh my gosh, I forgot the think it's 19th October.
Do you want me to put you on Monday? I'll just have a quick Oh, yeah.
I'll I'll talk about it.
We keep talking, and I'll give I'll, yeah, considering it.
Um, and then so the final one is workshop number 3, which is songwriting, and that's just with me and I've got a beautiful group signed up already for some songwriting, and lots of people expressed interests in in groups on writing.
Some people want to summarize by themselves, and we'll be talking about different techniques, lyric writing, melody, harmony, um, form, uh, some fun exercises to kind of get you started and in that creative zone.
Um, and all of these workshops will be my home in Sandgate.
They come with a beautiful cooked lunch, Oh, yeah.
My mom's gonna be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
She's a wonderful cook um, and lots of kind of salads and, and, you know, I mean, veggie, or Joe kind of options and, And, yeah, it'll be great.
It's gonna be beautiful.
So it is, um, so the 19th October.
So they're all Saturdays.
Uh, and so if you want to also find out more details about that, just go to emadine.
Uh, if you uh, go to Emma Dean Music on Instagram.
Uh, you Emma has a link in her profile that you can you can go to.
But also to, just never be afraid to reach out to either of us for information.
We love it.
Good old chat, don't we? Absolutely.
I'm so happy to answer any questions about, um, about the workshops.
And they're suited to people who have had, Well, the workshop number 1 and workshop number 3 in particular, suited to people who have had absolutely no experience um, uh, and up to people who are very experienced.
So it's a broad range, um, widget number 2, you just need to be comfortable with the people hearing your voice, really, in a small setting, but you don't have to have any experience, but just to know that you will be singing and people will hear you and, yeah, to be comfortable with that.
It it, uh, we will also we will be creating a really trink space.
Oh my gosh.
If you are if there is, like, you do have that desire, you go, oh, but I still don't feel like I'm ready.
Just know that you will be you'll be nurtured.
You'll feel Yeah.
Very warm.
And I was just going to say too, just just, um, to get an idea, you can actually get all three workshops together, um, for 5 47.
So one one workshop is 227 for if you wanna do 2, it's 387.
And you save $67.
And if it's free workshop, it's it's 5 47.
So that's that's probably the way to go.
I'm gonna I'm definitely signing up for the, gotta check that September date, but I, I really wanna do the song writing.
That's my love to have you there.
That's my mix, kind of, come on, come and go all.
You can go ahead.
That would be so much fun.
I'd love to work with you in that way.
Me too.
I'd love to work with you.
And I and if it's okay, I just wanna quickly plug a few things as well.
If you could, yeah, please go also follow Emma on socials.
So Emma Dean Music on Facebook as well as on Instagram.
More details about the workshop medine.
That's d e a n, Emma, e m m a dot oh my gosh.
E m m a d e a n dot com.
Uh, and, uh, I just wanna quickly mention that tonight, uh, we have the fearless singer's showcase.
Um, so if at seekers, can you keep it secret? And it'd be really nice if you, uh, are in the neighborhood, you like to come in and support some beautiful, beautiful talent, um, do their thing, come in and and hang out with us.
It's a lovely space.
And then On Sunday, the girl from Greece, we have our saloni session.
And saloni actually in Greek means you're good living room.
And this actually where I'm sitting was my family's saloni.
And so it's very much about come come to our our you're our special guest and let us shower you with Greek music.
And, yeah, so that's at that's at it's still a secret, and that's, uh, on Montague Road.
So crossroad from the milk factory, and we start at 2 o'clock, and it'd be lovely to have.
If you are around, please come and hang out with us.
And then on 4th May, I've got a workshop called Her Voice, so it's very much for those who identify as as female.
And and the only reason why not to exclude anybody at all, uh, it it really is, I think, a powerful time for women, I think we we and female, those who identify as female and those who are non binary as well.
To really to find that inner voice, that strength really, yeah, just to and and to use it and and to bring all our beautiful creativity to the surface, because as a way of of of service and, you know, I think the time is now for all of us.
You know, to, to take up space.
And so that workshop is really geared towards that.
There is definitely going to be the straightforward technique work, uh, but we'll be diving into those magical realms.
And it's yeah.
And so if you want that in May, and then come back in September, October, and, yeah, uh, come and and reinforce all that beautiful, uh, knowledge.
Uh, in Emma's creative clinic as well.
And I just every time I say, colonic, you first it's a laugh.
I just laughed, but I I named it that.
So And I love that your, um, your marketing graphic is a is a unicorn taking the ship? Yeah.
But that's it.
It's like And you you gave me the idea for that though.
I'm pretty sure you you plan to that scene.
I do have a song about it.
There is that as well, but, you know, I'm really sure you that song.
Every time I promote you for anything, it's like, I am a fucking unicorn.
I love it.
Oh, my lord.
It's my butt.
One of my favorites.
Uh, I just wanna say so, uh, so so Emma, I'll I'll just I'll just click off you know, so if you stay, stay around, so don't go anywhere.
Don't don't don't take your day.
You go.
But I just wanna say if you have joined us live thank you so much for for for being part of this conversation.
Uh, my apologies if you have left comments and we haven't seen.
We've just been, you know, in our bubble, and so we'll go through and answer them now.
If you've got any questions, please don't don't hesitate to reach out to either of us and Yes.
And I just wanna say massive, massive thank you to you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much for asking me to do this.
I always love chatting with you know? Oh, vice versa.
I feel yeah.
And it's interesting, and I just wanna put this out there.
I had a bit of a it's been a bit of a weird before, and now it's all bless my body.
So thank you.
And that's the power of of the the connection, you know, and that's why we you know, don't don't feel that guilt.
I mean, the guilt will come up.
So, yeah, actually, not that that don't feel it.
You actually feel it, but then let it pass.
You know, we we need each other.
We need to show up to each other for each other and and communicate and connect and create.
You know, it's part of how part of our life force.
So I completely agree.
Well, then Thank you so much.
See you everybody