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Join your painfully honest, humorous, big-hearted host, Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras, to talk about what’s holding us back from living our creative, musical dream lives.

We will undo untrue narratives that stop us from singing and expressing ourselves fully, creating our dream projects & music businesses. And talk to absolute bosses who are doing this work and succeeding.

Let's rise together! 

Mel Lathouras Fearless Singer Podcast Emma Sparks

Episode Highlights

Harvey Blues - a Fearless Guitarist


A journey from London Boy Singers to Soul Jazz - guitarist Harvey Blues has followed the call to make music his life's work.

A punk at heart, Harvey taught himself the Blues as a 14-year-old, was a full-time gigging musician in London in his early 20s to starting over again in Australia in his 30s. After sustaining an injury from factory work in Australia, Harvey made the life-changing decision to make music his full-time gig. He has nearly completed his jazz degree, going to Uni for the first time in his early 50s, performs regularly with the iconic blues band - Blues Arcadia and now has his soul jazz band - Harvey Blues and the Keitels - playing at all the hippest venues in  Brisbane. 

Harvey LOVES singers and regularly co-teaches with me in the Fearless Singer Jazz Club course. Speaking of which, we kick off Round 2 next Wednesday, 3 August 2022, at 8 pm. If you want to learn SIX jazz standards in a fun, supportive community over six live classes, enrol! We’d LOVE to have you.

Harvey advises singers to keep it simple at the start of your journey and stick at it!

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