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Singing Program for Adults 

This program is designed for the beginner to the experienced. Combining performance psychology with Vocal Pedagogy - you will be singing at your very best! Choose your own contemporary repertoire or be guided. 

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Singing & Energy Work: Uncovering Limiting beliefs

Just to be clear - you're the healer! This singing program is combined with powerful energetic modalities to help you access your authentic embodied voice. 

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Junior Singing & Musicianship Program

With postgraduate qualitications in Vocal Pedagogy and years of experiencing teaching young people, I've developed a program that not only carefully builds their voices but also their musicianship and self-confidence. 

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Jazz Singing Program

This is a 20-week In Person Coaching Container (12 1:1 sessions) designed to give you the skills and the repertoire to start gigging as a Jazz Singer. An online self-paced alternative will be available too. 
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& Music Theory

A 10-week transformational container to give you the skills to write your own music with a combination of creativity coaching, mindset work and music theory. At the end you will have a song (or more) and a plan to record. 

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Performance Coaching & Mentoring

To be clear - you get a performance coaching & mentoring in all of these programs. But this is a container for specific projects and events that you need a coach to prepare you for. This is for Singers, Actors, or Presenters. 

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