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Join your painfully honest, humorous, big-hearted host, Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras, to talk about what’s holding us back from living our creative, musical dream lives.

We will undo untrue narratives that stop us from singing and expressing ourselves fully, creating our dream projects & music businesses. And talk to absolute bosses who are doing this work and succeeding.

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Episode Highlights

I know this kind of similar to my episode about ‘Stopping the Shame Spiral’ and I clearly love to use alliteration; however I will not stop talking about this emotion that can teach us so much about ourselves and create so much magic in our lives!

OK, OK… So at first shame feels gross and yucky and of course, it is! However, if we allow it to be the Ghost of Christmas Past and let it lead us to a memory that created a faulty belief system that has stopped us from experiencing our joy then, it’s kind of like a hero in disguise.

In this episode, I give real-life examples from my own singing and performing practices where shame has shown up, and I have allowed it to be my great teacher. I also give examples of how it has shown up in my students’ singing journey. By the way, I give no names or identifiers for privacy.

Let me know what resonates with you! If you would like help navigating ‘shame’ narratives in your own singing and creating and need help clearing these, let me know. You can book a 1:1 session with me online. Your session can be in the studio (Brisbane, West End) or online over Zoom.


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Remove the Shame Splinter

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