Overcome the Fear of Singing in front of Others with EFT Tapping

May 06, 2019

This week instead of writing you a blog post, I have made a video showing you a powerful technique to overcome the fear of singing in front of a person/people.

I have found that during my career as a singing teacher, when students first come to a lesson, they are super nervous. I have even had some students look as though they are going to either be physically ill or bolt out the door.
I can 100% relate to this. When I began my lessons at JMI (Jazz Music Institute) and the Conservatorium, I felt exactly the same way.  
In fact, it took me five or six lessons to feel as though I could be myself as well as sing like myself in front of my teachers. 
When you boil it all down, it really is the fear of being judged and/or confirmed that you’re not good enough.
In this episode, I will show you a practice called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that can obliterate any old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from A) starting your singing journey and/or B) filling you with massive doubt about your ability.


Please let me know how you go with tapping. Look, you may feel like a galah at first, but I promise this will bring amazing results. 

Talk to you next week! 

Mel X

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