Fearful to Fierce - Meet Singer & Entrepreneur Kylie Stephenson

eft eft for singers performance anxiety singing mindset well-being for singers Apr 26, 2023
Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras Confidence Coach

In this Fearless Singer podcast - we're talking about one of the biggest challenges many of us singers face - performance anxiety.

And we have a special guest, Singer, Actor & Entrepreneur Kylie Stephenson, who shares her journey of overcoming it.

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Kylie is a natural performer but struggled with anxiety and fear blocks, making it difficult to pursue her passion for singing and performing.

This led to her taking an extended break from her performing career and singing lessons – she also bravely decided not to continue her tertiary studies in Music.

However, with inner work, practice, and passion, she's overcome her fears and is performing again and now fronts a gigging pop band.

In this episode, you will hear about some of the challenges Kylie faced as a young creative child, growing up Hyper Sensory in the 90s in Mt Isa, feeling too quirky and sensitive for those around her, and being raised in a sports-obsessed family.

Despite this, music programs were available at her school, and Kylie was encouraged to join the concert band, playing the oboe for a year, which she reckons sounded more like a constipated duck. 😆

This led her to be a part of school musicals, where a Music Teacher told her that she was cast as a particular character due to her natural ability to sing ‘off key’. Don’t you love unwoke adults in Education?

This was one of the critical events that rattled Kylie's confidence and even affected her in class. She recalls being anxious about putting her hand up or being put on the spot to answer a question. We can all relate to that one!

If you struggle with pitch, you will find Kylie’s story of developing her voice fascinating and encouraging.

Kylie worked consciously and consistently to develop her pitch and singing skills, and she can now rely on her muscle memory and trust her pattern recognition.

Also, if you identify as neuro-divergent, you will also gain a lot from Kylie’s accounts about being hyper-sensory and how it contributed to her anxiety. She talks about taking on the emotions of those around her and often feeling overwhelmed by her surroundings.

But she has learned to manage her anxiety through Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), mindfulness, and other embodied practices.

Kylie discussed how she used tapping to overcome nerves around her first gig in her new band.

She even used EFT and goal setting to attract her perfect band – which happened quickly! And then, within weeks, they had their first paid gig.

I know you will find Kylie as inspiring as I do!

I always love to hear from you! Please let me know what resonates in this episode for you! Hit reply!

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