A Personal Update: Gigs, Magic Carpet Rides and Adrenaline

Jul 04, 2021

 I am nearly at the end of a full three weeks of gigs, with Yas Queen (my femme-lead jazz band) performing at Bundaberg’s Moncrieff Theatre this Saturday. I will also be doing a one-woman show at the Moncrieff on Sunday. Doing what I love best – talking about myself and singing!

You may have read my blog post on being too scared to play at the Brisbane Jazz Club. If you didn’t, you can read it here. Well, it was an absolute success. We SOLD OUT! What was special is that my friends, family, and singing students, present and past, came along. It was a memorable night. And it has given me a huge surge of confidence – I will be writing a blog post about this and how we can use momentum as a magic carpet ride to our dreams.


Yas Queen’s Howlin’ at the Moon – a night dedicated to all jazz (and pop) standards about the moon was a resounding success. We also sold out! Our arrangements were so slick, and we all performed amazingly despite us all feeling that end-of-term fatigue.

It’s incredible what performance adrenaline can do. I will also be writing an article about this, as it never ceases to amaze me. Once I did a gig at Studio 188 in Ipswich; I was so sick I nearly passed out in the McDonalds next door, but performance adrenaline kicked in, and I did a two-hour set. By the way, I don’t recommend performing while sick. These were my reckless days of wearing myself thin. You can read all about this here.

At this Yas Queen gig, I had a massive epiphany about connecting to a song on a spiritual level, which felt magical. It happened while I was singing ‘I Wished on the Moon’ sung by Billie Holiday. I recommend playing this as you continue to read. It makes for a lovely soundtrack. Anyhow, I need time to sit with this experience and process what happened to translate it into words. In the meantime, you can watch this performance and our whole gig, for that matter, on YouTube.

Speaking of momentum being like a magic carpet ride [cue singing – ‘…a whole new world, don’t you dare close your eyes!], I will be making a jazz album this year and an E.P. for my original pop project Junee. More to come about this.

And if you are asking yourself, how many bloody bands and projects is this woman in? You’re right, I’m in a lot and there’s more! I’m really excited to tell you about the garage band I’ve created with my best friend Amy, named after my cousin – Goldness – who we love. Goldness did its first gig at Netherworld in the Valley a few weeks back, and we are doing another show at the Bearded Lady in West End on 24th July. There will be a recording to follow.

If you want to keep posted about upcoming gigs and projects, I have an events page. Otherwise, feel free to follow us on the socials:




On a completely different note, I have been a part of a life-changing business course lead by Vienda Maria called Her Way Cocoon. I’ve met some incredibly inspiring and talented women who offer a variety of services and products. We have collaborated to offer the Express Yourself Giveaway Bundle on Instagram. You can win a singing lesson with me and life coaching sessions and courses, Reiki, journals, crystal bracelets and sacred space sets. The prizes are EPIC! To enter, head over to my post on Instagram. All the details are there.



I have a fabulous newsletter coming to you next Monday! It’s an article about how to get a better voice instantly. I had a few chuckles and tears while writing it.

 Until then, lots of love!

Mel Xx

 PS Keep your eyes peeled… I have a couple of courses coming!

  1. The Fearless Singer Jazz Club: an 8-week interactive course to give you a whole set of jazz standards (6 Songs) & access to a passionate and supportive community.
  2. A complimentary course to help you release blocks that stop you from singing is also coming your way.