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primal sound vocal confidence vocal technique vocal tips May 05, 2023
Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras Confidence Coach

Do you ever want to ‘belt’ a song or even have access to different colours in your voice?

There was a time only a few years ago when I felt like everything I sang sounded the same.

I was primarily a jazz singer at the time – I’ve since ventured into soul, blues and country – and I had the same bright sound for every 👏🏻  single 👏🏻 jazz 👏🏻 standard.

It was a pleasant sound – but it was quickly getting boring and making me doubt myself as a singer.

It didn’t matter what vocal exercises I did; it never seemed to bridge into my song work.  

When I learnt about primal sound – an approach to vocal pedagogy discovered by Janice Chapman – I could easily access much-needed light and shade and soon began singing way more authentically.

I was also emotionally connected to the music when previously, my singing was just demonstrative.

And naturally, this had an enormous positive knock-on effect on my confidence.

 So, what is primal sound?

Primal Sound is an approach for singers to illicit everyday sounds coded into our psyche to obtain certain vocal qualities.

From a Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) perspective, it means we can easily access our….

✔️     Belt

✔️     Mix

✔️     Breathier but energised sounds

✔️     Softer volume sounds (without breathiness)


…without having to think about manipulating any of our vocal anatomies.

 The sounds are:


✔️     The Sigh

✔️     The Whimper

✔️     The Whine &

✔️     The Call Out


All sounds we inherently know and have been doing since we’ve been sweet little bebes (deliberately misspelt so you can fondly reminisce about how cute you were.)

As part of Fearless Singer Daily, I gave a Bite-Sized Coaching Session on Primal Sound this week. I’m going LIVE over the next ten days, teaching anything related to Voice, Mindset and Business.

 You can watch the Primal Sound Coaching Session here – it only goes for 20 min!

Anyhow – have a play with this approach! I love hearing your observations, and if you have any questions, email or DM me. 


If you are after a quick 30 min vocal tune-up or you want to play with Primal under the guidance of yours truly, grab your session here.


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Talk soon!


Mel  ️X ❤️‍🔥