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inspiration mindset for healing motivation podcast singing mindset May 12, 2023
Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras Confidence Coach and Life and Business Coach for Singers

I'm excited to share the latest Fearless Singer podcast episode with you – ‘You Were Born to Create’.


In this episode, I discuss all the exciting updates at Fearless Singer HQ, including a massive website upgrade that, yes, took blood, sweat and tears but was super fun to create.


Honestly, the new and improved was worth the weeks of slogging away, and I'm so proud of the new Kajabi skills I've developed. On a side note – if anyone needs a website built – I’m your gal!


One of the things I love about the new website is that it brings all aspects of my creativity together in one place – my music and the coaching.


It makes me laugh that it’s taken me so long to realise I am Fearless Singer.


And that my performing life and coaching are equally of high service to the world.


Society has taught us to undervalue the arts – as something frivolous – but standing on stage delivering a song or speech or any performance is nothing short of courageous.


As artists, we signed up for a life of doing the inner work required to share our creativity.


I just read a Rick Rubin quote that sums this up well: “You’re successful as soon as you send your work out into the world.”


It’s so true! It takes guts and gumption, and you’re navigating the feeling of ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be kicked out of the tribe.’


You can now understand why our limbic system gets shaken up.


So, you can see how just by us doing the creative thing by living a creative life is an act of service.


On the one hand, we share our creative output; on the other, we live a life outside the box – and effectively, we teach others they can be the same.


One of my greatest teachers of ALL TIME is Patience Hodgson from the Grates.


As a twenty-year-old, I had my ‘Educating Rita’ moment after spending yet another Friday night at the Victory Hotel, when I looked around at the ‘meat market’ scene, singing along with the poor pub musician doing his best Eddie Vedder – and I thought – “We could sing better songs than those.”


That’s when I decided I needed to change my scene, and I got a job in a Music Shop (actually, it was called the Music Shop in Brunswick Street).


It was here that I was introduced to the Grates by a lovely new friend I made and went along to their gig.


As a naïve, self-conscious kid, Patience absolutely blew my mind!


She was my age, she knew who she was, she could get up on a stage in front of hundreds of people and jump around, sing like an angel and be so connected to joy that it was palpable.


She shifted my whole perspective on what was possible. I started dressing exactly how I wanted – not to fit in - and started listening to old-school punk.


She changed my life!


It wasn’t long after I met my soul mate Amy, and we started the band The Warms with our friends Kellie and Murray.


So, can you see how great performers are actually teachers?


Oh, by the way – I also talk about an esoteric teacher who has changed my life recently – Carolyn Elliot, author of Existential Kink.


I won’t say anymore – listen to the episode.

You can watch the episode here on YouTube. 


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