A Love Note for the (very) Beginner Singers

inspiration mindset for healing singing mindset voice care voice tips Apr 18, 2021

This is a little note for those who have had dreams of singing but don’t think it’s a reality for them.

Perhaps you’ve been told by someone close to you that you can’t sing.

Or you have been kicked out of a choir. (This actually happened to my dear Mum Mavis. She and my Aunty Jenny were dragged out of a choir by their ears and were labelled ‘drones.’)

Maybe you’ve even told yourself that you can’t sing so why even bother?

This is a gentle reminder, that you should bother. A note to say that anyone can learn to sing and should sing.

Did you know that singing is one of the best forms of stress release?

It’s healing for the mind, body and soul.

Singing in a group releases so many happy chemicals into the blood stream. You leave from it feeling happier and closer to the people you were singing with.

Why deprive yourself from something so bloody good for you?

Check out these happy people and tell me that I’m wrong?



1.     Put on your favourite song right now and sing at the top of your lungs!

2.     Google ‘Choirs in my area’. Why don’t you even check out Pub Choir? https://www.pubchoir.com.au/

3. If you want to learn how to build your voice and use it, check out my Frequently Asked Questions page and if it resonates with you, book in.

Or Google ‘Singing Teachers in my Area’. I am a part of a huge network of amazingly talented singing teachers; I can recommend a coach to you. Email me.

3.  GO WITH THE FLOW: when you embark on these scary dreams, a lot of limiting beliefs will come up. Acknowledge that they are there and then choose to carry on anyway. With a healthy mindset, anything is possible. (More blog posts on this to come.)

You may be saying, yeah, yeah, yeah what if I’m tone deaf?  My answer to that is, you’re most probably not… Read my previous article about tone deafness here.

Also, even if you are, it still should be no excuse not to sing. You’re still getting the health benefits even if you are causing stress to the people around you. That’s their problem anyway. :)

Anyway love, I hope this brings some joy and little bit of hope to you. If it resonated with you, could you please share the love by sending this note to someone you know who may benefit from it?

Also let me know in the comments what song you will be blasting right now to sing at the top of your lungs to!

Mel X

P.S. I have the best  FREE exercises for the very, very, beginner students. You can get them here.