I did the (SCARY) thing! 🥹 Here's My Process

Jun 15, 2023

Remember how I said the idea of playing the piano while singing scared me senseless?


I DID IT! 🎊🎉🥂

I faced the fear and played and sang at the Brisbane Jazz Club – as a tribute to the late and great Tina Turner. Photographic evidence is attached to this blog. 

I played ‘The Best’. And I made plenty of mistakes with my accompaniment but managed to comedically navigate them, which turned into somewhat of a journey for the audience to witness. 

However, I had previously stumbled on a thought that got me through the performance.

And that was: “If I forgive myself, then my audience will.”

Because ultimately, our audience wants to feel safe – when they witness someone struggling but self-flagellating in front of them – they don’t.

They will feel safe, however, when we make mistakes but quickly move on from them and maintain our sense of regulation, which comes from self-forgiveness.

Can you see how powerful it is and healing for us and those around us?

The bigger picture is that when you are in a state of self-forgiveness, you’re ultimately being your authentic self (the way Source sees you), which is a great pleasure to watch – I know this as an avid audience member.

Here are some practical tools I used leading up to this:


✨ I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping to get to the core of some of my limiting beliefs around playing and singing and cleared them. And I programmed new affirming beliefs into my subconscious.

 I played the chords over and over and began to memorise the patterns.

 ✨ I relied on the fact that I know this song. I’ve listened to it now since the ’90s. It’s incredible how much music sits in our subconscious like a treasure!

 ✨ Because I’m always practising lyric learning, it comes quicker these days. Try memorising a song a week; even after a few weeks, you’ll notice that it gets in your memory much faster.

On a side note – I always get a song or two that is lyrically non-sticky for me, like Jolene: “Your beauty is beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair and ivory skin and eyes of Emerald Green.” I should tap on that! 

 ✨ I grabbed pockets of time between my 1:1 work and admin to go to the piano and play through it a few times every day leading up to the gig.

 I drew inspiration from Tina Turner’s momentous talent, skill and work ethic (she did 250 concert International Tours at 50) and lovingly told myself to stop being a little bitch and get on with it! Haha!

Anyhow – I hope this resonates and is helpful! Please let me know what stands out for you. I love hearing from you – your observations, questions, and you know, I love hearing how you’re going.

You can watch my performance here. 


Things to look out for over the next few weeks.

☑️ The latest Fearless Singer podcast drop will be this Friday (a tribute to Tina Turner); however, I will aim to get back to a regular Wednesday drop for the Podcast.

☑️ I’ll be running my free online workshop ‘Hip Like Ella: an Intro to Scatting and Improvisation’ very soon – watch this space!

☑️ The Fearless Singer Jazz Club will start soon but will now be an epic online course.

☑️ There will be a mini-Vocal & Mindset Transformation Fundamentals Course available soon!

☑️ Term 2 finishes at the end of next week, and Term 3 starts on 10 July! There will be a handful of spaces to work with me 1:1 – be prepared for some birthday bonuses (I turn 40 next month!)

Also, I’m launching a free weekly private podcast next week in the Fearless Singers Facebook Group!

Mel X 

P.S. What projects/skills have you been working on? Send me an email and let me know!


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