Fear Less to Live Your Dreams of a Full-Time Creative Life

Jun 12, 2019

Do you know what?

When I first conceived the idea of having a personal and spiritual growth blog for Singers, Musicians and Creatives called ‘Fearless Singer’, I instantly got a pang in my chest and panicked.

Fear-based thoughts and feelings started pouring in…

“How could I call myself Fearless Singer when I still sleep with the covers over my head?

             Why would anybody want to listen to me? 

                  I won’t be taken seriously as a musician!

I’ll lose friends, colleagues and clients if they know I subscribe to new-age philosophies and practices.”

It seems to me that when we are given an inspired idea, fear raises its head. But instead of letting it cripple us, we can learn to embrace it and then quieten the fear-induced noise in our heads.

This week’s episode of Fearless TV explores fear and how we can choose to see it as a powerful teacher and friend. I also give concepts and strategies that I use to help go beyond fear and get creative projects off the ground.

Mate, I want you to know that whatever it is that you are dreaming of right now, you can have! Whether you want to be a singer who performs on all the big stages around the world or you want to have your own creative business, it’s yours.

I believe that you have the inner resources you need to live a life beyond your wildest imagination.

There’s no need to fear the fear. It’s perfectly normal!

It’s OK to feel and acknowledge it.

But after that, choose faith.

Have faith in yourself and your ability. Strengthen and practice it daily.

Have faith that you will be led to the right teachers, courses, books and information to help you succeed.

Allow creativity to work through you.