Give Yourself Permission to Shine ❤️‍🔥✨

Jun 28, 2023

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.” Anne Lamott

It was these words that produced a seismic shift in this week’s Fearless Singer Podcast guest – Karen Gunton.

And this week is a special one to celebrate the podcast’s 30TH EPISODE! I promise you’ll get so much out of it – Karen shells out an abundance of wisdom!

Karen is a scientist and educator turned Self-Leadership Coach, Author and Creator of Illuminate: the Lighthouse Oracle cards.

Her superpower is helping people discover their inner voice and intuition to lead themselves out of struggle and to a life that lights them up.

I met Karen at Tash Corbin’s Heart-Centred Business Conference in Noosa over a month ago.

I was drawn to this aesthetically hip lady who turned out to be the creator and generous donator of the cards in our conference bag.

I frequently use the Lighthouse cards with my students here in the studio. I love them because they are simple, colourful and give you one word that instantly unlocks a message for you.

Karen says that whatever the message comes to you, trust it’s right!

In this episode, Karen unpacks how we are all essentially lighthouses and how we choose to shine our lights is unique to us.

She also talks about her journey towards trusting her intuition and how she came to accept her struggles as an essential part of her journey and informer of her work.

Karen said that while her lighthouse was a little “dim” and “wobbly” for a while, she has a much stronger sense of her inner lighthouse, all its components and keepers and how she would like to shine today.

And that this resistance we often feel towards “shining” – whether on a stage, on social media, in the office, or generally in life and business – doesn’t need fixing or being “overcome.”

Because, Karen says, we are not broken, and sometimes this resistance or unsure part of ourselves only needs some acknowledgement and honouring. She says it all comes back to permitting ourselves to be whatever we need from day to day, and she prefers the word “allowing” to “overcoming”.

You can Listen Here

For those of you who use the cards with me, she has shown us a completely brand-new way to use them! So be sure to listen right through to the end.

Karen also gives a deeper context for the cards, describing how they were created to represent all of the components of the lighthouse – the harbour, the beam etc – as well as the “keeper” archetypes.

I can’t even put into words how incredibly inspiring this interview is! And it’s 100% geared towards helping Singers shine their light on the stage.

I know there will be so many takeaways from this episode for you! Please let me know they big ones – hit reply! I love hearing from you.

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Lots of love

Mel X