THANK GOD FOR THE NOs: A Singer Story of Embracing Rejection

gratitude inspiration Jul 09, 2024

There’s been a little phrase running through my head these past few days that I want to share with you: ‘THANK GOD FOR THE NOs.’

I’ve never felt so grateful for rejection in all my life. 😂

Of course, it’s easier in hindsight to see the bigger picture of why you got knocked back from that project, production, degree, grant money or even that person.

Those knockbacks have brought us to where we are today and, most importantly, who we are today.

This realization hit hard when my cousin found old footage of me as a teenager singing. (Footage above)

Let me tell you a story about this kid: uber self-conscious 16-year-old me.

I dreamed of being Maria Callas (minus the tragic life, but with all the glamour).

But when I went to my first opera, La Traviata, I couldn’t keep my bloody eyes open.

I tried again with Madam Butterfly a few months later but had the same weird body reaction. 😴 I'm not being funny; it was like my body shut down both times.

I now know this was a clear message from my higher power: "Mate, get off this path immediately! Computer says No."

But having not discovered Louise Hay yet, I ignored this, of course, and diagnosed myself with glandular fever because that's what all the kids were getting. That must have been it! I didn’t have it. 

So, I auditioned for the QLD Conservatorium to study classical music.

I even nailed the audition and got an 'A'.

I was so convinced this was my path that I didn’t apply for anything else or any other universities. 

But when the acceptance letters came out…

I didn’t get in. 😱 (Haha! You guessed it!)

I was heartbroken, as you could imagine. If I could travel back in time and tell myself, "Little mate, you'll NEVER miss out on anything that's not meant for you," I would have cried even harder. 😆

As you all know, I went on to study Music and got my Master's in my late 20's. I have an exciting career singing jazz, soul, and Greek music—AND I get to help singers live their big, shiny dreams, which is my life’s purpose and passion.

Big Life Update:

I'm also privileged to collaborate with my beautiful singer-mates on big projects like a Nana Mouskouri tribute at QPAC with Katerini Manolatos as part of our Girl From Greece project. We are thrilled to announce that we have a date! Please pencil 11th October in your diary. I’ll keep you posted about ticket links.

The Lesson:

What a gift retrospection and rejection are, hey!

Rejection is simply redirection, and thank God for that. 

What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Let me know - hit reply!

Mel ❤️‍🔥 X

P.S. Inspiring stuff I’ve listened to this week:

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