Myth Busting the Annoying Things We Hear about the Voice: Separating Fact from Fiction with Fearless Singer Mel

singing singing for health vocal myths vocal tips Apr 05, 2024
Fearless Singer Mel Lathouras Vocal Myths Dispelled

Mates, let’s shatter some Singing misconceptions and uncover the real truths for the love of Goddess! 

Whether you're a seasoned songbird or just starting your singer journey, demystifying common vocal beliefs can help build your vocal and performance confidence. Let’s say goodbye to some of these limiting beliefs and practices. 

OK, let’s go! 


  • 1. "You're either born with a golden or tone-deaf voice."


Fact: While genetics may play a role in vocal characteristics, vocal ability can be developed and improved through training and technique. Anyone can become a skilled singer by showing up for their voice daily with targeted exercises and a growth mindset. If you need help getting started, download the Fearless Singer Vocal Glow Up guide. It’s a gift! 

Also, did you know it’s really rare to be tone-deaf? You can read about it here. And even if you are, don’t let it stop you from singing. 


  • 2. "Singing loudly equals singing well."


Fact: Vocal mastery isn't about sheer volume; it's about making intentional, emotional musical choices that serve the song's overall meaning. 

  1.   "Scales need to be complex for an effective vocal warm-up.” 

Fact: While complex musical scales have their place in learning the musical language, a simple 8-minute warm-up routine encompassing body stretches, breathwork, glides, small intervallic patterns, and 5-note scales is more effective in preparing the voice for singing. Check out the guide - link above. 👆🏻


  • 4. "Perfect pitch is a prerequisite for singing success."


Fact: Perfect pitch is a rarity, but relative pitch – the ability to discern notes in relation to one another – can be honed through ear training and practice. And no offence to those with perfect pitch; I personally feel blessed not to have it. Although, just as I wrote this - a siren went off in my chaotic street, and I was like, ‘that’s an A’ - I’m not shizzing you; I went over to my piano, and sure enough, it was. I think this is just from consistent ear training. And I’m telling you - if I can do that, you can too! 


  • 5. "There is no other way around throat clearing."


Fact: Throat-clearing can strain the vocal cords and lead to vocal fatigue. Please don’t do it! Just keep singing through it or engage in a little gentle huff huff. If you need me to send a video demonstrating this, DM me on Instagram.  You can also opt for hydration, steam inhalation, and vocal exercises for a healthier voice.


  • 6. "A glass of milk soothes the vocal cords."


Fact: Generally, dairy products can increase mucus production and hinder vocal clarity. Hydrating with water is better. In saying that, we’re all different… If you feel that milk helps, go for it! I guess it’s about learning what works best for you. 


  • 7. "Certain foods are off-limits before a performance."


Fact: As mentioned above, while some foods may trigger discomfort, individual tolerances vary. Nutritious foods assist with vocal health as part of a bigger picture (sleep, stress, hydration, social circumstances), but work out what feels good and do your best with your resources. We’re all so different. And if you feel shame around eating certain types of food, that’s the only thing you need to remove from your ‘diet’. 

  1. "Singers should steer clear of singing when under the weather."

Fact: Singing with a mild illness can be manageable with proper care, but vocal rest is essential for recovery and preventing further strain. Know your body. And adopt a mantra taught to me by my beautiful mate Katerini (she’s a music therapist and my other half in The Girl From Greece)—“slowly, slowly.” Tune in, and remember, your health is your number one priority.  

  1. "You're past your prime if you're not a young crooner."

Fact: Age is but a number in the world of singing. Many vocalists find their voice improves with age, and success can be achieved at any stage of life. And let’s face it - your lived experience adds to the substance of your performance. Let’s burn and bury these limited, ageist beliefs now and forever. 

  1. "Only the naturally gifted singers make it big."

Fact: Two words for you… Bob Dylan. 

Not all of us want to “make it big,” but if you do, don’t let anything stop you—even if you perceive your voice as not “naturally gifted.” Find your strength and special service to the world, and go for it! Remember, you can make anything happen! Don’t believe me? No worries! I’m not here to convince you either way. But if you hang around here long enough - this belief will rub off. 

I hope this all helps! 👆🏻

Lots of love

Mel ❤️‍🔥 X 

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