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G'day Singer! Welcome!

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As Dr. Seuss says,
"Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out! 

Come and experience the world's best Vocal & Mindset Education for yourself and be a part of our beautiful Fearless Singer Community. 

This is a process of Learning to LOVE your Voice - that's when the magic happens.

☑️ Vocal Technique (Build Your Instrument & Learn to Use it?)

☑️  Mindset Work to Befriend Your Fear (EFT & NLP)

☑️ Musicianship & Artistry (Confidently Step into the Artist Mindset)

☑️ Law of Attraction Teaching (Live Your Goals)

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Fearless Singer Coaching is an inspiring

Mind, Body, Spirit Approach. 

Check out if it's for you... 

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"Working with Mel has not only improved my singing ability and confidence - it has also brought positive change to other aspects in my life. I highly recommend this kind, generous, empathetic soul. She is an absolute blessing." 

- Angelique Bellas

Success Coaching - Mindset

Uncover & Clear Your Fear & Create New Neural Pathways for Success

 Dissolve Fear with Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) & Energy Healing. 

❤︎ Rewire Your Mind for Vocal & Performance Success

❤︎ Create Habits that stick.

❤︎ Develop Unshakeable Confidence in your Singing, Performing, Speaking & Business 

❤︎ Command the Stage: Tap into your artistic genius 

❤︎ Live Your Goals with Law of Attraction Processes 

Vocal Technique
(with the Latest in Vocal Science)

Build Your Instrument & Learn How to Use It

 Create a Balanced, Healthy Voice that is free of excess constriction.

 Access more colours in your Voice by exploring resonance and vocal setups.

✰ Increase Your Range 

Develop a deeper understanding of Vocal Anatomy and how it functions.

✰ Learn about breath management and the benefits of connecting sound to airflow. 

✰ Heal your Voice with Remedial exercises & Emotional Freedom Technique (this may be in conjunction with a qualified Speech Therapist & Ear Nose & Throat Specialist.)

✰ Learn to belt with ease.

✰ Learn to hit those high notes or low notes with ease. 

✰ Develop Your Pitch & Intonation

& Artistry

Confidently Step into the Role of Artist

 Create your Unique Sound but also borrow from your favourite Artists. 

✰ Learn the "Language" of your favourite genre: Soul, Pop, Jazz, RnB and Country

✰ Master your favourite artist's Licks 

✰ Learn Music Theory in a highly practical way

✰ Create Your Charts & Know Your Keys

✰ Learn how to Improvise 

✰ Learn how to communicate effectively with other musicians: including master count-ins and outros. 


Meet Your Coach 

G'day Singer -
I'm Mel Lathouras.

I have been singing professionally for over 20 years and coaching for ten.
I created the Fearless Singer Community in 2015, after completing my Masters' of Music Studies (in Jazz Performance) at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

My Qualifications are:

🎵 Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance (JMI)
🎵 Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy (QLD Con) 
🎵 Master's of Music Studies (QLD Con)
🎵 Graduate Diploma in Education (Griffith University).  

I am also a Life & Business Coach specializing in EFT, NLP, and Energetic Healing (Reiki Master 🤙🏻) with a background in Marketing, Branding and Online Business.

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Your Follow Up Support 

Your session also includes access to the Fearless Singer Studio Portal, which includes Vocal Exercises and Mindset Tools. 

You will also receive one week of Voxer App follow-up support after your Session to help your process and consolidate your takeaways. 

Congrats on Taking the First Step toward Your Dreams!



inc. Life-time Access to the Student Portal (Singing Exercises)

  • 50min Session 
  • Lifetime Access to Student Portal with Singing Exercises & Resources
  • Your Vocal Blueprint Assessment & Practice Plan
  • Recording of Session
  • Sheet Music & Backing Tracks (if applicable)