From Crippling Anxiety to Fearless Performer: Emma Sparks' Journey to Singing with Confidence - thanks to EFT!

Mar 28, 2023
Fearless Singer Podcast Mel Lathouras Emma Sparks


Are you ready to be inspired? Eeek, I’m so excited about this episode!

In this latest episode of the Fearless Singer podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down with Emma Sparks, a Fearless Singer member who recently went from crippling anxiety to confidently slaying iconic Julie London songs at a Fearless Singer Jam.

Emma's transformation was remarkable, and it all came down to what she called her “Miss Piggy” confidence, which she credits to Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and embodiment visualisations.

If you're not familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique, it's a holistic healing technique that involves tapping specific points on the body while focusing on emotionally charged emotions, thoughts, or pain points.

If you want to learn more about EFT, you can listen to last week’s Fearless Singer episode.

Emma shared how EFT helped her reprogram old beliefs that no longer served her and brought about astounding transformation and opportunities.

But that's not all.

We also discussed the power of "acting as if" or embodying a character to reach our goals more quickly.

Emma used Quantum Energetics to adopt the persona of a confident and fearless performer, which helped her channel those qualities and perform at her best.

I love how she uses the word “ham” to describe this! She uses it to illustrate a heightened, more expansive version of self.

We discussed how this technique could be applied to any area of life, whether in business, relationships or when developing a skill.

But Emma's creativity doesn’t just stop at singing. She is a genuine Renaissance woman with multiple creative passions, including design, illustration, crafts, and photography.

We spoke about her creative entrepreneurial journey and her dream of having multiple streams of income that will allow her to quit her nine-to-five job and pursue her passions full-time.

We acknowledged how difficult it can be to "niche down" as a multi-passionate creative and how important it is to know whom we serve. And that we can create an umbrella value, mission and service for our multiple passions and offerings can exist under.

One of her dreams is to become a voiceover artist for animation! Watch this space!

I know you're going to find Emma inspiring, as I do.

You can listen to this episode on my website, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, or Apple to hear Emma's remarkable story and learn how to apply her lessons to your life.

Emma's story is a genuine reminder that anything is possible with the right mindset and support.

Her journey of overcoming fear and pursuing her passions is an inspiring lesson: fear can be conquered, passions can be followed, and success can come from doing what we love.

Whether pursuing a career in singing, design, or any other field, we can learn from Emma's experiences and apply her lessons to our lives.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start listening and let Emma inspire you to become the Fearless Singer you were always meant to be.

Listen here: WebsiteYouTube | Instagram | Spotify | Apple 

If you want to follow Emma, you can find her Insta, Facebook and website here.

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Lots of love from you, Fearless Singer mate,

Mel ❤️‍🔥🎵