Update: Go Easy on Yourself + @$%K Perfectionism + Brisbane's Greek Choir

fearless singer events greek choir jazz mindset for healing singing mindset Mar 01, 2022

Woah! What a difference a week makes, hey?

If you have been affected by the QLD and NSW floods, I’m so sorry this is happening. And I hope you get the support you need and are overall safe and well. Please also let me know how you’re going!

I’ve been finding it hard to show up here in the newsletters and on social media due to the heaviness we’re experiencing in the world right now.

But I’ve come to realise that whatever our service is, more than ever, it’s our duty ‘to show up and offer some lightness to balance out the heaviness.

So here I am.

And it’s been a big couple of months for all of us.

Can you believe we’re in March already?

The last time I checked in, I told you about our upcoming Fearless Singer Launch Party.

Well, it was an absolute BLAST!

I’ve never felt such a gamut of emotions in a short space of time. I was either hysterically laughing or sobbing because of all the stunning performances by our Fearless Singers.

We also had our Fearless Singer Jazz Club members sing, and they also got to meet each other in the flesh for the first time.

The whole night was magical. And we all left on a high.

You can watch a highlight reel here from the night. 

Since then, I’ve been teaching in the studio and started business mentoring. And not to mention dreaming up some new courses and online offerings. Watch this space!

The Fearless Singer Podcast is still on its way. And it’s nearly here. I had planned for the last video I made to be one of the first episodes. And it still might be…

This video shows us how we can achieve our dreams by starting small and going super easy on ourselves.

If we can do this, it will create momentum. And that’s the magic ingredient to achieving any goal.

The first step is to take a small action step even if it’s messy and not produced in the most favourable conditions.

You can WATCH IT here: Do the Things That Feel Easy & F@#$ off Perfectionism.


Greek Choir

Another exciting project I am a part of is a Greek Choir called Ellinikes Fones. As some of you know, my family name – Lathouras - is Greek.

It’s a long story and deserving of a blog post on its own. But I’ve felt relatively disconnected from my Greek culture for some time up until now.

It took a little bit of kismet to bring me back to my roots.

So long story short… Last year, I was acknowledged by Brisbane’s Greek Cultural Committee for being a successful musician as a part of Panayiri. They even put a picture of me next to Maria Callas and Nana Mouskouri on an honour board in the Greek Club! Which at the time was both hilarious and, of course, humbling.

I decided to go over and check it out and walked in while two incredible singers – Katerini Manolatos and Christina Xidi Lignou were performing in a concert.

We became friends, and the rest is history.

We are now launching a choir. And we start next Wednesday 9 March, weather permitting!

I am now also going to Greek School with the kids to learn Greek! Luckily, another member Fearless Singer community and friend – Angelique - is going too, so I have a classmate!

So, if you would like to learn Greek and sing - come along next Wednesday to Ellinikes Fones! We’ll be at the Greek Club and start a 6:30 pm.

Anyhow – I’ll leave it there for now.

I’m singing teaching in the studio or online on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You can read more about my singing teaching here. *As of May 2023, I do not teach singing anymore. For 1:1 coaching, check out my container here. 

I’m also mentoring on Wednesday afternoons. Please get in touch if you are interested in designing a life that honours your innate creativity and your core desires while learning practical business skills. There’s more about this here.

I will keep you posted on the podcast!

And the next round of the Fearless Singer Jazz Club Level 1.

Lots of love

Mel X