Life Changing Lessons from Tina Turner ❤️‍🔥🎵

Jun 16, 2023

This latest Fearless Singer episode is a tribute to the late great Tina Turner and the many reasons she was a living Saint.

I’ve always been obsessed with her!

 She was a part of the soundtrack of my childhood – I think most Australians have a soft spot, especially as The Best was constantly blaring from our TV sets with that enduring Rugby League ad.

But I remember watching the biopic film made about Tina (Angela Bassett played her) when I was ten and remembered drawing inspiration from her life way back then.

She was a phenomenon – a black woman born into poverty and systemic racism, a survivor of abuse – ultimately emancipating herself from her captor Ike to rise to the extreme heights of stardom at the age of 50.

 In this episode, I delve into the core teachings from our Saint Tina:

✨ Age is irrelevant – if you have a dream, go for it!

✨ The power of keep showing up and doing your work (on a spiritual level and a practical level – don’t quit singing)

✨ Whatever society projects at you, please don’t believe it; know who you are, your strengths, and your worth and rise above it!

✨ You don’t need to be classically “beautiful” to succeed – attractiveness is an energetic state you can switch on. Here’s the interview for context.

✨ She knew exactly who she was and stayed true to herself.

You can listen to Episode 28 here.

As always, please let me know what resonates for you! I love hearing from you! Email me or leave a comment!


Lots of love

Mel ‍X ❤️‍🔥🎵


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