Frequently Asked Questions & Fearless Singer Policy

Your Mentor

Hi! I’m Mel Lathouras. I’m a professional Jazz Singer and Vocal, Life and Business Coach for Singers.

I have a Bachelor of Music, a Masters' of Music in Jazz Performance, a Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy and a Graduate Diploma of Education.

I'm the Creator of Fearless Singer – a growing community of singers at all stages of their singing journeys - who are ditching fear-based beliefs to reach their musical and creative goals!

I regularly attend professional development workshops, courses and events related to music, vocal science, business and mindset to stay on top of the latest research.

Most importantly, I’m a mentor who loves being a part of somebody’s singing and creative journey and seeing these big-hearted souls create magic with their voices and in their lives.

You can read more about my story here.


Where do you Coach from?

Sessions can be in the Studio - West End, Brisbane - or online over Zoom. 


Do I need to be a Professional Singer to benefit from 1:1 Sessions?

I mentor absolute beginners to professionals. I specialise in helping people overcome their fear of singing, performing or “showing up” in front of other people (and themselves). 

More info about how to work with me 1:1 in a Coaching Capacity is here.


How much do you charge?

Fearless Singer Sessions are $247/ 50min 

Check out the Fearless Singer Membership for online group coaching, access to our community and more online resources.


How often do I need to come?

Let’s have a chat about this face-to-face. Ideally, you would commit to fortnightly sessions; however it depends. We can figure out what mentoring package works best for you.


Do you have a cancellation policy? What happens if I turn up late?

My time is valuable, and so is yours; if you are late for your appointment, you lose that time. If you don’t show up, you will forfeit your fee.

48 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson.

I advise clients to contact me the day before if they are feeling unwell to avoid forfeiting their fee.

If adequate notice is given, however, I allow one make-up lesson at another time.


Can I purchase vouchers to give as gifts?

Yes – please contact me at [email protected] These are to be used within the term of purchase. Please note that the 48-hour cancellation policy applies.


Can I reschedule?

Yes! No worries at all! If you are giving at least 48 hours' notice and have not exhausted your *rescheduling limit, go ahead and reschedule in your account. Please also email me to let me know: [email protected]


Do you offer refunds?

No refunds will be issued.


Do you teach young people and have a current blue card?

I mentor young people and I have a blue card. There is a Junior Fearless Singers Membership program through audition. 

Do you teach students on NDIS?

Yes I do and I have a disability clearance card. 

*The rescheduling limit: If you purchase a one-off lesson, you have ONE opportunity to reschedule if needed. If you purchase one of the packs, you have TWO make-ups available to you within the two terms.